Save Money on the Donjoy OA Reaction Web Knee Brace

Friday, 17 November 2017

Do you suffer from osteoarthritis in one of your knees? The condition can become worse over time if you don't take the necessary steps to relieve your symptoms, particularly if you exercise often and put pressure on the area. If you've previously had a look at the Donjoy OA Reaction Web Knee Brace but you felt like the price was too steep, you'll be pleased to know that we've reduced it for your benefit! Find out how you can get a whopping £100 off the support's original list price by reading our blog!

Save £100 on Your Purchase

For a limited time only, you can get the OA Reaction Web Knee Support with £100 off its original price. The brace has been reduced from £199.99 to £99.99, allowing you to get excellent support for much less. This promotion is running from today until the 5th of January 2018, so hurry while you still have a chance!

Stay Ahead of the Game

Whether you enjoy running or golfing, continuing to lead an active life with knee osteoarthritis can feel impossible. However, the Donjoy Reaction Web Brace has been specifically designed to treat and protect your knee against osteoarthritis. This ensures you get the most effective support possible against the condition to help you get back to your active lifestyle. The brace can be used for the following:

  • Daily activities
  • Mild-to-moderate sporting activities like golf, walking and running

Discreet Design

Donjoy's knee brace has been created with a low-profile design, allowing you to wear it under exercise clothing, trousers or skirts without drawing attention to the area. This makes it perfect when you want to start exercising again without feeling any pain.

Custom-Like Fit

With its four-way, adjustable wraparound style, the OA Reaction Knee Brace provides you with a custom-like fit for most legs that is extremely easy to apply. The brace itself has one of the most open and lightweight designs available in osteoarthritis knee bracing, making it not only easy to apply but also comfortable to wear. Its breathable, open framework doesn't restrict the area too much so you get the support you need without having to reduce your activity levels. With its comfortable and form-fitting technology, you'll hardly feel the knee support as you go about your day!

Owing to the brace's open design, the Reaction Web Support is ideal as a "first time" choice. This allows you to get used to wearing a knee brace before transitioning to a more rigid brace in the future.

Shock-Absorbing Technology

Created with silicone web technology, the Donjoy Web Knee Brace is a ground breaking product. The support has been scientifically designed to provide shock absorption and anterior knee pain relief to help treat osteoarthritis of both the knee joint and the patella. The brace's web design also makes it more flexible, ensuring you're able to perform the activities you've been missing out on. So with such a huge discount, what are you waiting for?

Available in Seven Different Sizes

The OA Reaction Web Knee Support has been created in seven different sizes, allowing you to get a more tailored fit than most bracing solutions. The support can also be purchased either for the right medial/left lateral or the left medial/right lateral to ensure you get the support you need where you need it most.

These excellent features mean you can't miss out on this promotional offer! Purchase the knee brace by clicking through to the Right Medial/Left Lateral Knee Brace or the Left Medial/Right Lateral Knee Brace and selecting your size from the drop down menu at the top of the page. We're sure you'll love this support, and others will notice a difference in you too - though no one will even know you're wearing a brace!

Have you purchased the Reaction Web Knee Brace? Tell us what you think by leaving us a comment below or contacting us on Facebook and Twitter!

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