Medi Levamed Ankle Support

Medi Levamed Ankle Support
Medi Levamed Ankle SupportMedi Levamed Ankle SupportMedi Levamed Ankle Support
  • Provides compression and stability to the ankle
  • Features include integrated silicone pads and tension strap
  • Suitable for 'football players ankle' and post traumatic inflammation
  • Also Suitable for sprains and instability of the ankle
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The Medi Levamed Ankle Support provides anatomically-tailored support and compression to soft tissue injuries of the ankle, with medially and laterally- integrated silicone pads, which give optimal stabilisation of the ankle, especially during exercise. The Medi Levamed Ankle Support is made of an elastic, breathable and moisture transporting Clima Comfort knitted fabric providing all-round comfort. 

The Medi Levamed Ankle Support comes with silicone pads and a tension strap. The compressive fabric and silicone inserts have a massage effect which promotes circulation and aids rapid reduction of haematomas and oedema. Furthermore it improves proprioception and therefore achieves better muscular support (stabilisation of the ankle).

Who Can Make Gains with the Levamed Ankle Support?

The Levamed Ankle Support is an ideal choice for a range of ankle conditions, and is great both for sports and activity, and everyday pain relief and comfort. It is well suited to any sprains of the ankle, or instability of the joint, as well as swelling and joint effusions due to arthritis and osteoarthritis. The slanting edge design enhances the stretchability of the fabric, ensuring that it is easy to pull on and off, even when the ankle is swollen and tender. A pull-on aid made of balloon silk is also included, ensuring that this is a product that will minimise discomfort and see you well on the way to recovery in no time.

Features and Benefits of the Medi Levamed Support

  • Lightweight, breathable support for a range of sprains, strains, instability, arthritis and more
  • Anatomically-tailored support with medially and laterally integrated silicone pads for massage effect
  • Elastic, breathable and moisture-transporting Clima Comfort knitted fabric keeps you cool
  • Specially knitted Comfort Zone over the instep lessens pressure for a comfortable all-day wearing experience
  • Slanting edge enhances stretchability of the fabric, making on/off easy
  • Balloon silk pull-on aid included, for ultimate ease of fitting
  • Comes in 3 colours in a range of sizes (check table below)

Sizing of the Medi Levamed Ankle Support

Please measure your ankle at the narrowest point above the ankle bone.

Size 1 2 3 4 5 6
Ankle Circumference 17 - 20 cm 20 - 22 cm 22 - 24 cm 24 - 26 cm 26 - 28 cm 28 - 30 cm

Washing Instructions for the Medi Levamed 

  • Do not bleach
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Do not dry clean
  • Do not iron



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