1000 Mile Breeze Anklet Socks

1000 Mile Breeze Anklet Socks

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  • Utilises Nilit Breeze technology
  • Keeps feet cool and comfortable
  • Protective underfoot padding
  • Arch bracing for extra support
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In stock now

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During intense activity your feet can overheat, putting them under more strain and making them feel uncomfortable in your shoes. The 1000 Mile Breeze Anklet Socks utilise a revolutionary technology to help you keep your feet cool no matter the temperature while still providing padding and protection for greater comfort.

Who Can Make Gains with the 1000 Mile Breeze Anklet Socks?

The breeze anklet socks are great for anyone who finds that their feet get too hot during intense activity. Overheating feet can not only feel sweaty and uncomfortable, but also can reduce your level of performance, putting you at a disadvantage to your competitors. By regulating the temperature of your feet, the socks enable you to properly perform at your best, no matter how hard you're going or how hot it gets.

Utilises Nilit Breeze Technology

To keep your feet cool, the inner layer of these socks utilise Nilit Breeze technology, a cooling yarn that keeps your feet cool even as temperatures rise around you. It does this through a flat cross-section structure that provides a wide surface for faster heat transfer than other materials.

The surface area is increased further by the use of a special polymer that includes inorganic micron particles, which also helps to form small channels for increased ventilation. A special texturising process helps to make a low bulk yarn – ideal for improving breathability and ventilation further.

Underfoot Padding

Alongside Nilit Breeze technology, Breeze Anklet Socks also provide a padded underfoot, providing protection to the most used parts of the foot including the heel and forefoot. This helps to reduce the stress being on your feet all day can cause and can help reduce the pain associated with conditions such as metatarsalgia or plantar fasciitis. The sock also utilises dual layer technology, reducing the amount of friction on your feet and working to prevent the development of blisters.

Arch Bracing

To provide even more support to your foot, the 100 Mile Breeze Socks also feature a mid-foot arch brace. This not only provides extra support to a potentially sore area, but also helps provide the sock with a custom fit to your foot, allowing you to more fully reap the benefit of the socks.

Sizing of the 1000 Mile Breeze Anklet Socks

The 1000 Mile Breeze Anklet Socks are knitted to ankle length, and are available in five different sizes based on UK shoe size. The sizes are:

Size UK Shoe Size
Ladies' Small 3 - 5.5
Ladies' Medium  6 - 8.5
Men's Medium 6 - 8.5
Men's Large 9 - 11.5
Men's Extra Large 12 - 14

Please note that the design of these socks may vary as we transition to new stock.

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