1000 Mile Ultimate Performance Socklet with Cupron

1000 Mile Ultimate Performance Socklet with Cupron

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  • Shorter "Socklet" style running sock
  • 20% lighter than conventional wool for increased movement
  • Moisture absorbing outer layer improves comfort
  • Uses Cupron copper wool to combat bacteria
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In stock now

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It's vital for athletes of any sport or discipline to feel comfortable in the clothes they wear, so you need to be sure that your socks won't let you down when it matters.

The 1000 Mile Ultimate Performance Socklet with Cupron is a soft and highly comfortable sports sock that is much lighter than standard socks to help you move more freely and naturally.

Who Can Make Gains with the 1000 Mile Ultimate Performance Socklet with Cupron?

The Ultimate Performance Socklet is ideal for any athletes looking to make their feet more comfortable during training and competition. No matter your sport or discipline, chances are that your feet are a vital part of your performance, so you need socks which can help you achieve greater things. By keeping feet comfortable, cool and fresh, the socks enable you to move more freely and focus on your performance without being distracted by your feet.

Comfortable Design

With extra padding in the toe, ball and heel areas, the Socklet helps to protect these common strike areas from damage, allowing you to run, jog or simply take on the daily commute while keeping your feet intact for when you really need them. Arch bracing built into the sock provides a commonly sore area of the foot with increased support, helping you go further, harder and for longer. The socks are also incredibly breathable. Airflow channels around the sock help to prevent feet from overheating, keeping them cool and comfortable for longer.

Embedded Copper Fibre

To help eliminate bacteria and odours, the socks feature embedded copper fibre. Due to copper's naturally anti-bacterial properties, the embedded fibre means that moisture, odour and bacteria are kept in check so you feet remain dry and fresh throughout your workout. This also helps to improve the lifespan of the socks for greater value-for-money. 

The 1000 Mile Ultimate Performance Socklet with Cupron is available in black or white.

Sizing for the 1000 Mile Ultimate Performance Socklet with Cupron

The 1000 Mile Ultimate Performance Socklet with Cupron is available in 5 different sizes:

Size UK Shoe Size
Ladies' Small Size 3 - 5.5
Ladies' Medium Size 6 - 8.5
Men's Medium Size 6 - 8.5
Men's Large Size 9 - 11.5
Men's Extra Large Size 12 - 14

The sock should be a snug fit with no wrinkles.

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