Aircast Infrapatellar Band Knee Strap
 Aircast Infrapatellar Band Knee StrapAircast Infrapatellar Band Knee Strap 

Aircast Infrapatellar Band Knee Strap

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  • Designed with a single aircell for focused compression
  • Treats Osgood-Schlatter and patella tendonitis
  • Reduces stress on knee to prevent discomfort
  • Created in a universal size to fit most users
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Aircast Infrapatellar Band Knee Strap

Suffering from stress to the knee can make it difficult to perform the daily activities you're used to. The Aircast Infrapatellar Band Knee Strap is designed with an aircell that focuses compression on the patella tendon. This helps reduce stress in the area, allowing you to get back to your routine and sporting activities as soon as possible.

Who Can Make Gains with the Aircast Knee Strap?

Designed to reduce stress on the knee, the Infrapatellar Band is an excellent way of helping to reduce discomfort when you suffer from a knee condition. The knee strap helps to compress the patella tendon, providing stability to the area. This makes the support suitable for the following conditions:

  • Osgood-Schlatter disease
  • Patella tendinitis

Key Features and Benefits

  • Features an aircell that focuses compression on the patella tendon
  • Reduces stress at the tibial tubercle to relieve pain
  • Designed in a universal size to fit most users
  • Lightweight for use under most clothes
  • Discreet to prevent attention being drawn to the area
  • Provides targeted support and protection for your peace of mind
  • Adjustable design allows you to get a more tailored fit
  • Crafted with foam padding for additional comfort in the area

Sizing of the Infrapatellar Band

The Aircast Infrapatellar Support is constructed in a universal size to suit most users. To find out if this band will fit your knee, please measure the circumference of your knee just below the kneecap. This support fits measurements between 25cm and 43cm.

Discreet and Lightweight

Crafted to be as minimal but effective as possible, the Aircast Infrapatellar Band is a discreet and lightweight answer to excess stress in the knee. Owing to its design, the band can be worn beneath a wide range of clothes without drawing attention. This makes it an excellent solution to your needs.

The support is created with a single aircell to protect the area while also preventing additional stress in the area. This helps you get targeted relief from discomfort and stress without making the area feel too bulky.

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