Beurer FM200 Achillomed Achilles Tendon Massager

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  • Foot massager designed for problems with the Achilles tendon
  • Ideal for anyone suffering from Achilles tendonitis or painful feet
  • Featuring six rotating massage heads and two massage speeds
  • Massage heads can easily be removed for easy cleaning
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Beurer FM200 Achillomed Achilles Tendon Massager

Pain or discomfort in the leg or heel is often caused by strain or injury to the Achilles tendon and is most common in runners and active people. The Beurer FM200 Achillomed Achilles Tendon Massager uses six rotating massage heads that deliver a high-quality massage to your Achilles tendon to help relieve pain, boost circulation and loosen the Achilles, so you can get back to the sports that you love in no time.  

What's Included?

  • 1 x Achilles Massager
  • 1 x Power Adaptor
  • 1 x Set of Instructions

Who Can Make Gains with the Beurer Achilles Tendon Massager?

Ideal for runners and active people, the Achilles Tendon Massager from Beruer is a rotating massage head with two speed settings that help to relive pain in the Achilles and solve general discomfort in that area, so you can get back on your feet pain-free in no time.  

Key Features and Benefits

  • Designed to relieve problems with the Achilles tendon
  • Features six rotating massage heads, two massage speeds and two direction settings
  • Soothing massage that helps boost blood circulation for improved health
  • Width and height adjustments of massage heads ensure ideal fit
  • Removable massage heads for easy cleaning
  • Illuminated display shows the massage settings
  • Automatic switch-off function to prevent accidents
  • Supplied with a 3-year manufacturer's warranty

Indications for the Achilles Tendon Massager 

This massage tool is ideal for anyone who suffers from pain or stiffness in the Achilles and so can be used to help treat the following: 

  • Achilles tendonitis
  • Aches in the back of the leg or heel
  • Heel pain
  • Inflammation in the leg or heel

How Does the Beurer Achilles Tendon Massager Ease Discomfort?

After exercising, the Achilles tendon will often tighten and become inflamed, causing pain and discomfort in the heel and lower leg. By massaging the Achilles tendon with the Beurer FM200, the six rotating heads will help to boost circulation throughout the affected area, loosening the tendon and relieving pain and stiffness in the Achilles.

When Should I Massage My Achilles Tendon?

Massage is an effective treatment for discomfort in the Achilles and can be performed whenever you feel pain. Many athletes prefer to use this massager after exercise to promote recovery and relieve any pain or discomfort in the area.

Relieves Problems with Achilles Tendons

The Beurer FM200 Achillomed Massager is specially designed to relieve pain and tension in the Achilles tendons. Thanks to the six rotating heads equipped with two direction settings, this device provides soothing massage that helps to boost blood circulation throughout the affected area, helping to quicken your recovery time so that you can get back to reaching your fitness goals once more. 

Beurer FM 200 Achillomed Achilles Tendon Massager
Enjoy professional massage in the comfort of your own home.

How Do I Use the Achillomed Achilles Tendon Massager?

For best results, we recommend that you use the Achilles massage device with bare feet and with the massage tool placed on a slightly raised surface in front of you while you are seated. For more information on how to use the massager, please refer to the manual below: 

How Can I Adjust My Massage?

Your massage can be easily adjusted by altering the following: 

  • Speed: This Achilles massager features two massage speeds. We recommend you begin your massage on the lower intensity and increase as desired
  • Direction: During your massage, you can easily alternate between a clockwise or anti-clockwise massage direction
  • Height / Width: The height and width of your six massage heads can be adjusted to suit your particular leg and Achilles tendon

How Do I Clean the Massager?

To clean the Beurer Massager after use, please follow the procedure below: 

  • Unplug the mains part from the socket and disconnect it from the device
  • You can wipe the surface of the massager using a cloth or damp sponge and liquid delicate detergent before leaving to dry
  • For hygienic cleaning, you can remove the massage heads individually. Simply press the triangle on the massage head and pull it off. You can apply the above cleaning process to the massage heads

Care and Maintenance 

  • Avoid using solvent-based cleaning products 
  • Do not put the cleaned massage heads back onto the massager until they are completely dry 
  • Under no circumstances may any liquid enter the device or additional parts

Technical Specifications

  • Number of Massage Heads: 6
  • Function Levels: 2
  • Massage Speeds: 2
  • Output in Watts: 15W
  • Product Weight: 2.5kg
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 32 x 26.5 x 15cm
  • Mains operated (a power supply is included)

Learn More About the Achilles Massager

Watch the video below for more information about the Beurer FM200 and how to use it:

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