BioSteel Sports Protein Shaker

BioSteel Sports Protein Shaker

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  • BPA-free protein shaker for all gym goers
  • 28oz (795ml) capacity great for most shakes
  • Surgical-grade stainless steel ball is rust- and chip-proof
  • Secure lid and cap to prevent accidental spillage
This product has been discontinued. Please contact our team for details of the latest release.  

This product has been discontinued. Please contact our team for details of the latest release.

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If you've got you your whey protein but still need something to drink it from, the BioSteel Sports Protein Shaker is the ideal solution. No one likes a protein shake that is lumpy or one that has remnants of powder at the bottom and with the BioSteel Shaker, you can avoid these problems!

Who Can Make Gains with the BioSteel Sports Protein Shaker?

Anyone who is trying to gain muscle mass or even tone their musculature will know that protein is essential for growth and development. Protein powders can often create drinks that are lumpy and uneven if not mixed properly and the BioSteel Shaker gives you an easier way to ensure that you get a shake that is delicious as well as nutritious.

Features and Benefits of the BioSteel Sports Protein Shaker

The BioSteel Protein Shaker has a number of features that make it the ideal choice for all athletes:

  • 28oz Capacity (795ml) – great for most protein shakes
  • Surgical grade stainless steel ball that is guaranteed never to rust, chip or peel
  • 100% BPA (bisphenol A) free to prevent contamination of shakes
  • Secure lid to prevent any spillage or leakage

If you're looking for protein to use with the shaker, why not try the BioSteel Sports Whey Protein Isolate or the BioSteel Sports Plant-Based Vegan Protein Powder?

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