Compression garments for athletes

Tuesday, 2 February 2016  |  Admin

If we asked you to consider compression garments, your grandmother may spring to mind. Those beige coloured old stockings are used to combat varicose veins, right? But it’s not just the elderly or frequent flyers who benefit from compression garments – in fact, they can be really useful to athletes. 

Whether it’s a sleeve, a pair of tights or some shorts, compression clothing can be used for a number of indications, enhancing your muscle performance and therefore your training as a whole. Every athlete can compress to impress! 

Circulate It

One thing which compression encourages is blood circulation. As our muscles need oxygen in order to work, and it is the blood which transports oxygen around the body, compression may really better your sports performance this way.

If you have suffered an injury, often blood flow to the affected area will be reduced as a result, making it difficult for those muscles to perform at their best. There are garments available for different areas of the body, depending on the location of the injury: the Rehband compression range, for instance, targets specific areas like the arm or the calf.

Whether you’re recovering from an injury or not, improving circulation this way can be beneficial to all, encouraging that great, blood-pumping feeling that comes after an energising work-out.

So go on, circulate that information around your friends!

Ain’t It Swell?

Promoting circulation this way can, in turn, have an anti-swelling effect on your muscles. Poor circulation can cause soreness and swelling when you exercise, but compressing the area can prevent the build-up of lactic acid. This is the nasty stuff which causes a burning pain in your muscles during exhaustive exercise - an all too familiar feeling for many athletes. 

That way you can get the most out of your workout, without the uncomfortable side effect of soreness and swelling!

Who Likes Compression Shorts?

We like compression shorts!

Even if there isn’t a specific area of your body which is sore or recovering, compression garments are great for general use. Compression shorts can be worn underneath your regular gym clothes to provide overall support to your upper leg area. This support can optimise your training by reducing muscle fatigue, as well as boosting your circulation as we’ve already mentioned.

So whilst compression garments can aid recovery from an existing injury, supporting your muscles this way means they can also help prevent future injury from occurring.

Style It Out

So put your granny’s stockings out of your mind – compression garments have never been cooler!

This women’s compression top, for instance, has a sleek, sporty design which will look great on any female athlete. Even these compression tights, which come in four different colours, have knocked the stereotype out of the water. Tailored for an ultimate fit, you can choose from either bright blue, hot red, professional black or clean white. Say goodbye to beige!

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