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Wednesday, 4 November 2015  |  Admin

The threat of injury is something that is all too real, during everyday life and, in particular, during sporting activity. Recovering from such an event is therefore of paramount importance, and this is what Mueller seeks to help with. Working closely with athletes of all skill levels, Mueller provides innovative protection and cutting-edge solutions to injury, with their vast range of scientifically-researched supports and braces. Whichever body part you've injured, Mueller will have a product that will have you back to fighting fitness in no time.

The Founders of Sports Medicine

Mueller began life in 1960 when founder Curt Mueller, a former university basketball player, realised that the average training room supplies were simply inadequate for serious athletes. Being a registered pharmacist, he used his combined knowledge of sports and pharmacology to develop superior products that would enhance athletes' performance and help prevent and recover from injury. In doing so, he coined the term 'sports medicine' and with that, a new industry was born. 

From that moment, the business has gone from strength to strength, and now caters to athletes of all levels, whether weekend warriors or international superstars, all over the world. Generations of Muellers continue to run the business, always staying close to the changing needs of athletes and helping them to stay in the game, whilst performing at their peak. 


Mueller wouldn't be what it is today without the advanced technology that goes into all of its products, which are constantly evolving and adapting to meet the demands of athletes, both amateur and professional. 

HydraCinn Fabric - the need for an alternative to neoprene led to the development of a completely new fabric, a moisture-management system that is breathable and moisture-wicking for your comfort. It also contains an antimicrobial barrier that prevents odour-causing bacteria, so bad smells are sure to be a thing of the past. The HydraCinn fabric features in the HG80 range, such as the HG80 Tennis Elbow Brace, the HG80 Ankle Brace with Straps or the HG80 Wrist Brace.

Triaxial Hinge - Mueller is the first company to offer braces with the patented triaxial hinge, which properly tracks the knee joint to provide near normal joint motion and an excellent range of movement. Ideal for athletes who need optimal protection but don't want to sacrifice mobility. The hinge is featured in the Hinged Wrap Around Knee Brace, or for the best support of the entire range, the PRO LEVEL Hinged Knee Brace Deluxe.

Adjustable Compression - While some of the Mueller products are sized, many come in a single, adjustable size that can be adapted to fit a range of body shapes and sizes. The vast majority of products have some degree of adjustability, meaning you can customise the fit and compression for a wearing experience unique to your requirements. The Lumbar Back Brace and the Tennis Elbow Support with Gel Pad are just a couple of examples.

Where Can You Get Them?

Think Sport is proud to stock a wide selection of Mueller supports, braces, tapes and more, so stay on the Think Sport website and browse the whole range here.