Nathan Sports - Running With You

28 September 2015

Anyone who has ever been on a long run will know that every little advantage or any helping hand you can get is extremely valuable. That's what Nathan's products try to give runners, whether beginners or veterans. When you feel like giving up it's always handy to have that something extra to call on, whether it's that bit more fluid you need to rehydrate, or reflective gear allowing you to keep going well into the night.

Who Is Nathan?

Nathan believes that if you run, then you're a runner. No matter where or why, how far or fast, Nathan creates the essentials to allow you to maximise your performance and have the best run possible. That's why they have created a whole range of gear, including industry-leading and best-selling hydration solutions, visibility wear and a host of other gear to help you run stronger and longer. Whether you're an experienced ultra-runner and marathons are a walk in the park, or you're training for your first 5K, Nathan has something to suit you and improve your performance. 

Hydration for High Performance

It's hard to overstate the significance of proper hydration on performance. In order to fuel, perform and recover efficiently, you need a hydration plan which covers pre, during and post-run solutions. Nathan produces a wide range of hydration gear designed to perform in all conditions.

Whether you prefer to carry or wear your hydration solutions, Nathan has got you covered. If you're a long-distance runner and need easy access to water then a pack such as the Elevation could be for you, featuring a bladder that holds two litres of water for hands-free sipping on the go and 16 Litres of total storage capacity. For those looking for something just as convenient but lighter, the VaporAir and VaporAiress could be just what you are looking for.

If you're on a shorter run and want something you can carry comfortably then a handheld such as the SpeedDraw Plus is an excellent choice, with a pocket to store your essentials and easy-squeeze access to fluids. No matter what conditions are like, many of the bottles feature double-wall insulation so your drink will always be refreshingly cool.

In Sight and In Mind

Nathan feels strongly about safety, and making sure you can concentrate on beating your PB rather than having to dodge traffic. Did you know that on average, over 59,000 pedestrians are injured annually by cars? Studies have shown that if you wear multiple points of light on your body drivers will recognise you from six times further away than those people who don't, whether that's a strobe LED light, a reflective vest or just a reflective trim on your backpack. You don't have to sacrifice aesthetics in the name of safety, though, as Nathan's reflective range have also been made with their signature sense of style.

Be seen and be great with the Nathan Range at Think Sport  and see the benefits yourself!