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20 October 2015

Injury is a fact of life, but minimising the consequences, and avoiding re-injury are of paramount importance. When it comes to sports and life in general failing to prepare means preparing to fail and that's why Neo-G provides innovative technology and unbeatable protection, in order to help professional athletes and regular people alike stay safe and pain-free.

Who are Neo G?

Neo G was established in 2005 in the UK, as a brand of Class 1 Medical Compression and support devices, registered with the MHRA (Medicine and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency). The company has built upon this and now offers a dynamic range of premium, medical grade products that you can be sure you can trust.

Neo G products are developed by qualified orthopaedic device designers and manufactured using medical grade materials. The design team is constantly working to create new innovative products and improve the core range, and rigorous testing and product development is undertaken to ensure the highest quality is guaranteed. 

Neo G supply medical professionals, therapists and various sport markets across the world with creative orthopaedic solutions, and now distribute worldwide with offices in Europe, North America, Canada and Australia.

The Products

RX range - The new Rehab Xcelerator (RX) range from Neo G concentrates on premium quality medical and lifestyle products with a sporting edge. RX supports are constructed from premium materials, reinforced with additional stays, giving the consumer confidence to return to daily activities, while allowing rehabilitation. 

For common repetitive strain injuries such as epicondylitis (Tennis/Golfer's elbow) the RX Tennis/Golf Elbow Strap is a great choice, providing dynamic compression and support, and dampening vibrations for a comfortable overall experience.

The RX Stabilised Knee Support is an ideal product for any sprains, strains and instability of the knee. Integrated flexible stays and a premium quality patella silicone insert combine to make a product that is comfortable, secure and great for an active lifestyle or injury rehabilitation.

Airflow Plus Range - this range of products is lightweight and breathable, for the ultimate in comfort and convenience, while not sacrificing anything in the way of protection.

For ankle injuries, the Airflow Plus Ankle Support is ideally suited to your needs. The support provides a medium to firm level of support to effectively treat sprains, strains, weak or arthritic ankles, with a lightweight breathable fabric specially designed for moisture-controlling ability.

It also features premium quality silicone cushioning placed either side of the ankle joint that helps protect the ankle by reducing impact forces and vibration within the joint. The multi-zone compression also provides targeted compression around the joint and the seamless knit fabric gives a snug yet flexible fit. If you want the same technology for a different condition, try the Airflow Plus Knee Support or Elbow Support.

Neo G offers many more supports and braces for a range of conditions, so why not see them all?

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