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Wednesday, 16 September 2015  |  Admin

What's Afoot?

To borrow a phrase from Topo: 'Every athlete understands that better does not just happen. You have to make it happen.'

With that in mind, Tony Post (To-Po, get it?) founded Topo Athletic in 2012 with a mission to develop athletic gear made with humble innovation. The innovation is humble in the sense that Topo understands that their equipment alone will not make you better. The responsibility for that falls on the individual themselves. Topo's role is merely to help, using innovative techniques in creation and scientific research to produce some of the most effective footwear on the market.


Tony Post was previously the CEO of Vibrams, the shoes that looked like gloves, and has utilised some of the same principles of minimalism here with the Topo range. Topo believes that the most important aspect of designing footwear is working with your body to enhance natural movement patterns. The fit of Topo shoes reflects this philosophy, and is founded on three main principles; shape, platform and weight. 


The most important factor in the shape of Topo's shoes is having plenty of room for the toes to spread out, for healthy walking and running. The fit through the heel and the midfoot is secure, allowing the shoe to move with your body and preventing injuries that could be caused by unnatural movement patterns.


Topo shoes feature a neutral platform, with a light cushioning. This gives a good balance between comfort and protection and feel, encouraging normal foot motion during running and minimising the risk of injury. 


Something that links the models in the Topo range is their ultra-light design. The materials used make it seem almost as if you've got nothing on your feet, and allow you to focus on your running. Special construction techniques also reduce seams on the shoes, and help to prevent the chafing that leads to discomfort and blisters. 

Keeping Healthy

One of the main problems runners face on a daily basis is injury. It is widespread and can keep you out of action, and therefore have a negative effect on your health. Topo's balance between support and feel has come about due to extensive research on the safest, most effective running methods. It was found that too much cushioning in a shoe was unnatural and a bad long-term decision for a runner. Things went completely the other way with a barefoot running phase a couple of years ago, but this was too extreme of a shift and also lead to problems. Topo has found a niche somewhere between these two extremes, with a minimalist design that promotes a natural feel, yet still provides necessary support.

Wherever Your Feet Take You

Topo's latest products are catered to both road and trail runners, so whether you're going for a jog around the block, a cross-country 10k or even a marathon, they've got you covered. 

'Better is not an accident, Stronger is not a gift, Faster is not a coincidence, It's a choice.'

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