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Tuesday, 10 November 2015  |  Admin

Stiff, painful and aching muscles are common side effects of exercise that we often just accept as part of life. They can keep you out of action for an extended period, and prevent you from reaching your full potential. If you keep exercising you risk making your condition worse, and you can become more susceptible to a more serious injury. But it doesn't have to be like this, as TriggerPoint has discovered.

Foam rolling has experienced a surge in popularity in recent years. Once thought of as a mysterious treatment confined to professionals, it is now more widely available than ever to the general public. At the forefront of this is TriggerPoint, who produce a variety of foam rollers, massage products and instructional tools. You don't have to shell out for a professional massage these days, you can replicate the effects in the comfort of your own home.

Who is TriggerPoint?

TriggerPoint empowers people to reach an optimal level of movement by providing the world's best therapeutic self care products and education. CEO and founder Cassidy Phillips, a biomechanical specialist, created the brand while trying to find relief for his own muscular issues. Simple daily tasks such as sitting, running and walking, and a variety of sports specific movements can all impact the body and put pressure on the muscles. He sought to find a product that could help make the body move freely, without restriction.

Through his research, Phillips discovered that there was a major gap in the market in terms of homecare treatment. Seeing this, he decided to work with athletes and non-athletes alike to find a way of empowering people to help themselves, and TriggerPoint was born.

How Does it Work?

Foam rolling is essentially self-massage, that you can use in place of a massage therapist's hands. The principle remains the same - by applying pressure to specific points on your body you can aid in their recovery and help your muscles return to their normal, elastic function. Repetitive movements can cause the muscles to become stiff, and results in 'knots' forming. Knots are the point within a muscle where the contracted fibres can't release properly, leading to pain and tenderness. By applying pressure to these knots with a foam roller, or similar massage product, you should be able to release these knots.

Apart from removal of knots and pain relief, there are lots of other foam roller benefits. One of these is increased blood flow, which can speed up recovery times and allow you to train harder and more often with much less discomfort. Better flexibility and a larger range of motion can also be gained from regular use, making you less prone to injury. 


One of the most versatile and comprehensive rollers on the market is the TriggerPoint The Grid Foam Roller. The three-dimensional surface is also more effective than a flat roller as it allows the muscle tissue to aerate while you roll, promoting the flow of blood and oxygen, essential to repair muscles. Compact and travel-friendly, it is ideal for taking on the road with you or keeping in a sports bag for maximum convenience. If you have dense muscle tissue and would prefer extra compression, try the TriggerPoint The Grid X Foam Roller, which is twice as hard for an extra firm rolling experience.

Another ultra-small, yet versatile and effective product is the TriggerPoint Massage Ball. You can use it in almost infinite ways for massaging muscles in areas that are typically difficult to reach with standard massage products and foam rollers. Use it on the floor, the wall or any hard surface for applied pressure to relive aches, pains and stiffness.

How We Roll

Here at Think Sport, we sell a wide variety of TriggerPoint rollers and other massage products, so why not shop the whole range now.