BOSU Powerstax Riser
BOSU Powerstax RiserBOSU Powerstax RiserBOSU Powerstax RiserBOSU Powerstax Riser

BOSU Powerstax Riser

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  • Allows the BOSU Balance Trainer to be elevated
  • Improves the versatility, intensity and usability of your trainer
  • Can be filled with water for unpredictable resistance challenges
  • Fully stackable to allow progressive elevation
Available, dispatched in 5-8 days  

Available, dispatched in 5-8 days

£109.99 (inc VAT)
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The BOSU Powerstax Riser lets your BOSU Balance Trainer work you harder. Improving the versatility, intensity and usability of your BOSU, the Powerstax allows you to add an adjustable resistance training tool to your workouts.

Who Can Make Gains with the BOSU Powerstax Riser?

The Powerstax Riser is ideal for BOSU owners who want to take their workouts to the next level. By raising your BOSU off the ground, you're also raising the bar of difficulty.  This lets you create more complex and demanding exercise combinations, leading to performance benefits in the gym and on the playing field.

Create Unpredictable Challenges

Each Powerstax is designed to elevate your BOSU Pro or BOSU Elite by four inches, partially stabilise the BOSU in a either a platform side up or down position, and even create unpredictable resistance challenges when filled with up to 30lbs of water. Powerstax can be safely and securely stacked on top of one another to raise your BOSU by a greater or lesser amount.

The Powerstax is suitable for all ages and skill levels.

Powerstax in Action

The video below demonstrates how the Powerstax can be used to create effective exercise combinations. The instructor uses a normal BOSU, a BOSU with one Powerstax and a BOSU with two Powerstax to create a progressive resistance challenge.

Available Versions of the Powerstax

Powerstax is available for purchase in two different packages:

  • Single Powerstax Riser
  • Set of 3 Powerstax Risers and Workout DVD

Compatibility of the Powerstax

The Powerstax is compatible with both the BOSU Pro and the BOSU Elite.


The Powerstax is supplied with a one year warranty.

Specifications of the BOSU Powerstax

  • Dimensions (single unit, HxW): 4 x 27"

Disclaimer: Please note that the video and images above feature BOSU Balance Trainers, which are sold separately.

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Specific delivery information for the BOSU Powerstax Riser

Please be advised, the BOSU Powerstax Riser is usually delivered within one week of your order being placed. Contact our customer care team if you would like more details.