Carry Bag for Sissel Sports Swing Bar

Carry Bag for Sissel Sports Swing Bar

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Available, dispatched in 1-2 days

Sissel Sports Swing Exercise BarSissel Sports Swing Exercise Bar
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Carry Bag for Sissel Sports Swing Exercise Bar

The Sissel Sports Swing Exercise Bar is a multi-functional, flexible bar which can be used to tone your muscles, strengthen your core and condition your whole body.

Due to its long, thin shape, you may find it difficult to carry your Sissel Sports Swing. This can be of an inconvenience if you wish to transport your product, for example if using at a sports rehabilitation centre or gym. 

The Carry Bag for Sissel Sports Swing Exercise Bar allows you to easily carry your Sissel Sports Swing with you. Practical and convenient, it can also protect your Sissel product to keep it looking sleek and clean.

Who Can Make Gains with the Sports Swing Carry Bag?

If you're a gym lover or someone who works out away from home, for instance at the park, owning suitable bags to transport your equipment is essential.

You probably already own a gym bag, but the Sports Swing's long shape is unlikely to fit inside. As a specialised piece of equipment, having its own carry bag will keep your Sports Swing better protected.

If you want to keep your equipment as secure as possible, in a stylish, easy-to-carry bag, this product is ideal.

Features of the Sports Swing Carry Bag

  • Red colour - easy to spot
  • Tie top - easy access 
  • Carry handle for portability
  • For use with existing Sissel Sports Swing

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