Compeed Foot Care Medium Corn Plasters (Pack of 10)

Compeed Foot Care Medium Corn Plasters (Pack of 10)

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  • Compeed Corn Plasters helps relieve pain immediately
  • Aids in the removal of the corn
  • Protects against rubbing and pressure
  • Moisturises and softens the corn to help with its removal
This product has been discontinued. Please contact our team for details of the latest release.  

This product has been discontinued. Please contact our team for details of the latest release.

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Corns are a common problem which can be extremely painful, especially when they appear on your feet. Compeed Foot Care Medium Corn Plasters (Pack of 10) act like a shield to provide protection to the area so it remains free from rubbing and pressure.

How Do Compeed Corn Plasters Work?

Owing to Compeed's Hydrocolloid Technology, the plasters improve moisturisation to help treat the corn. The Corn Plasters stay in place for over 24 hours and act like a second skin, which helps:

  • Protect and cushion your feet against rubbing and pressure
  • Relieves corn pain instantly
  • Moisturises and softens the corn to aid its removal

Who Can Make Gains with the Compeed Corn Plasters?

Working as a sportsperson or playing sports as a hobby can be taxing on your body, especially your feet. Corns can appear on your feet as a result of friction on the area. They usually occur on the tops or sides of your toes when you practice a sport, run or hike for long periods of time.

Compeed Foot Care Plasters are used to treat corns, but they can also be used to prevent them. Simply place the plaster on the corn or on an area which is prone to corns for immediate pain relief and protection. Compeed's Medium Plasters cushion the area to protect it from friction, which is a common cause of corns.

What's Included in the Pack?

Within the Foot Care packet are ten medium plasters that can be used to treat corns on the feet. These should be used until the skin is completely healed for the best results possible.

How to Use Compeed Corn Medium Plasters

  1. Clean and dry skin before use, ensuring targeted area is free of creams and oils
  2. Remove the top paper and then the bottom paper, avoiding touching the adhesive side
  3. Apply plaster firmly over corn, ensuring the edges are well smoothed down
  4. Leave in place until it starts to detach (plaster may stay in place for up to several days)

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