Donjoy IMMO Sling and Swathe

Donjoy IMMO Sling and Swathe

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  • Suitable as a shoulder immobiliser or arm sling
  • Designed to immobilise the shoulder or arm
  • Leaves the neck free to avoid discomfort
  • Suitable for upper extremity trauma
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Donjoy IMMO Sling and Swathe

Suffering from an injury to the shoulder or arm can significantly reduce your ability to use your arms and hands for sporting activities. The Donjoy IMMO Sling and Swathe is designed to immobilise the area following upper extremity trauma. By holding your arm in a neutral position, this helps facilitate healing and reduce the likelihood that you'll suffer from re-injury.

Who Can Make Gains with the IMMO Sling?

Arm or shoulder injuries tend to occur from playing bat or racket games, both of which can put pressure on your arm and shoulder joint. The Donjoy Sling and Swathe is constructed to stabilise your arm and shoulder during the rehabilitation process, allowing you to make a full recovery quickly so you can return to sports as soon as possible. This helps ensure that your performance doesn't suffer too much as a result of the injury, allowing you to excel in your game of choice.

Sizing Information

The Donjoy IMMO Sling Support is crafted in six different sizes. The Paediatric version of the support is designed for children, while the rest of the sizes are constructed for use by adults.

To find out which size you require, please measure the length of your arm from the crease of your elbow to the crease of your little finger where the finger joins the hand. The support fits both the left and the right arm.

Size Length (cm)
Paediatric Less than 23cm
Extra Small 23 - 25cm
Small 26 - 29cm
Medium 30 - 32cm
Large 33 - 34cm
Extra Large 35 - 37cm

Key Features and Benefits

  • Arm cradle is lined with terrycloth for added comfort
  • Designed with straps and a separate swathe for immobilisation
  • Support can be used as a shoulder immobiliser or arm sling
  • Strap position leaves the neck free to avoid cervical stress
  • Fits either the left or right shoulder according to your needs

Indications for the Donjoy Sling and Swathe

The IMMO Sling and Swathe can be used for the following indications:

  • Hemiplegia
  • Immobilisation after upper extremity trauma:
    • Humeral lesions
    • Post-surgical repair
  • Paralysis

Avoids Cervical Stress

The Donjoy IMMO Sling is designed with straps that don't circle around the neck. This prevents cervical stress in the area so you remain comfortable, allowing you to use the support for long periods of time.

Versatile Design

Flexible in design, the IMMO Sling and Swathe can be used as a shoulder immobiliser or arm sling depending on your needs. The support is also lined with terrycloth, meaning that whichever configuration you choose you remain comfortable without fear of chafing.

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