Donjoy Legend Knee Brace
Donjoy Legend Knee BraceDonjoy Legend Knee BraceDonjoy Legend Knee Brace

Donjoy Legend Knee Brace

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  • Ideal for moderate to severe ACL/PCL/LCL and MCL instabilities
  • Superb support for amateur sports people, for everyday use and for rehabilitation
  • Low profile design for use without hindering performance
  • Specialist models for each ligament, so you can get the product best suited to you
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In stock now

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The Donjoy Legend Knee Brace provides legendary support to a range of ligament injuries. If you've damaged your knee ligaments, your chances of re-injury become significantly higher than they were before, so it's a wise move to protect yourself. Whether it's your ACL, MCL, PCL, or LCL, moderate to severe injuries of these ligaments can put you out of action for extended periods - particularly inconvenient for people with an active lifestyle. 

With the Donjoy Legend, though, you can get back on track faster than ever before, or use it as a preventative measure to reduce the chances of a repeat injury. Whether you're on the track, on the pitch or in the water, the Donjoy Legend allows you to get back to doing what you love, secure in the knowledge that your knee is in good hands.

Who Can Make Gains with the Donjoy Legend Knee Brace?

The Donjoy Legend Knee Brace is designed to help with as many knee ligament injuries as possible, to deliver the best all-round care. This helps with both existing injuries and can also be used as a preventative measure against them. The brace incorporates the Donjoy 4 Points of Leverage technology, which significantly reduces strain on the ACL while providing a constant dynamic load.

Not only is the Donjoy Legend Knee Brace designed to be usable for as many knee ligament injuries as possible, but it's also designed to be suitable for as many activities as possible. Made for amateur athletes, the Donjoy Legend Knee Brace can be used for a wide range of sports, and the low profile design means it won't be an inconvenience to you.

Features and Benefits of the Donjoy Legend Knee Brace

  • Optimum support and stability for a range of knee ligament injuries, hyperextension and more
  • Designed for athletes, amateur and professional, to minimise the effects of injuries
  • Use for comfort and pain relief/healing or to prevent against further injury
  • Significantly reduces strain on the ligaments while providing a constant dynamic load
  • Discreet, low profile design won't be a hindrance during activity
  • Comes in a wide range of sizes, and comes in models specific to each ligament

Sizing of the Donjoy Legend Knee Brace

To make sure you get the best fitting Donjoy Legend Knee Brace, measure your leg at the centre of your knee, 6 inches up from the knee centre at the thigh, and 6 inches down at the calf. Match up your results with the table below:


 Knee Centre     Thigh  Calf

Extra Small

 30.5 - 33cm  33 - 39cm  25.5 - 30.5cm


 33 - 35.5cm  39 - 47cm  30.5 - 35.5cm


 35.5 - 38cm  47 - 53.25cm  35.5 - 40.5cm


 38 - 43cm  53.25 - 59.5cm  40.5 - 47cm

 Extra Large

 43 - 48.25cm  59.5 - 67.25cm  47 - 50.75cm

 XX Large

 48.25 - 53.25cm  67.25 - 75cm  50.75 - 56cm

 XXX Large

 56 - 61cm  75 - 81.25cm  56 - 58.5cm

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