Donjoy Rotulax Elastic Knee Support

Donjoy Rotulax Elastic Knee Support
 Patella: OpenPatella: Closed 
  • Free from latex to prevent allergic reactions
  • Provides stabilisation to reduce discomfort
  • Available with an open or closed patella
  • Suitable for acute injuries to the knee

Donjoy Rotulax Elastic Knee Support

Getting back to your active lifestyle following a knee injury tends to be a long journey, but it doesn't have to be. The Donjoy Rotulax Elastic Knee Support provides you with additional support during sporting and daily activities. Elastic in multiple directions, the support provides you with an excellent fit to improve the outcome of your condition or injury.

Who Can Make Gains with the Rotulax Elastic Knee Support?

Nothing is worse than having to wait for your injury to heal before getting back on your feet and into the sports you relish. This is where the Donjoy Elastic Knee Support comes in. Providing gradient compression from the proximal to the distal, as well as flexible stays and hinges, the brace helps stabilise and support your knee to speed up your recovery.

As a result of its compressing and securing features, the Rotulax Knee Support is suitable for a wide range of indications. This includes the following:

  • General stabilisation of acute patella injury
  • Preventive use in cases of a hyperlax patella
  • Post-operative support following a patella operation
  • Proprioceptive and neuromuscular stimulation through compression

Key Features and Benefits

  • Free from latex to prevent allergic reactions
  • Available with either an open or closed patella
  • Made with breathable, biocompatible yarn for comfort
  • Elastic in multiple directions for an anatomical fit
  • Offers gradient compression from the proximal to the distal
  • Designed with a looser popliteal knit for added comfort
  • Silicone patellar buttress increases stability in the area
  • Features bilateral flexible stays and aluminium hinges for support

Sizing of the Rotulax Elastic Knee Support

The Donjoy Elastic Knee Support is designed to fit either the left or the right knee for improved versatility. Constructed in six different sizes and with either an open or closed patella, this support provides you with a personalised fit. To find out which size you need, please measure the circumference of your thigh 15cm above the kneecap and check the table below.

Size Thigh Circumference (cm)
Extra Small 35 - 38cm
Small 39 - 42cm
Medium 43 - 46cm
Large 47 - 49cm
Extra Large 50 - 53cm
XX-Large 55 - 57cm

Open or Closed Patella Options

The Donjoy Rotulax Knee Support can be purchased with either an open or closed patella. An open patella support is suitable if you find that closed patella supports irritate and exacerbate your injury, whereas a closed patella support is particularly suitable if your main objective is to stabilise and support the area. The closed version of this support is made with non-compressing knitted fabric over the patella to prevent local oedema during use.

Features Flexible Stays

Despite its fairly simple style, the Rotulax Elastic Knee Support features bilateral, flexible stays and aluminium hinges. This improves the level of support you receive during use. The support offers a gradient level of compression from the proximal to the distal so you remain comfortable while also getting the protection you need where you need it most.

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