Donjoy Telescoping Cool IROM Post Operative Knee Brace

Donjoy Telescoping Cool IROM Post Operative Knee Brace

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  • Immobilises and controls your range of motion
  • Ideal for ACL, PCL, MCL and LCL surgeries
  • Buckles allow for fast and easy strapping
  • Keeps you cool even in warmer climates
Available, dispatched in 1-2 days  

Available, dispatched in 1-2 days

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Donjoy Telescoping Cool IROM Post Operative Knee Brace

Wearing a knee brace after surgery can be extremely beneficial for helping to prevent further injury. However, living in warmer climes tends to make wearing a support uncomfortably hot. The Donjoy Telescoping Cool IROM Post Operative Knee Brace is cool and open, allowing air to circulate so you don't overheat during use.

Designed to provide incremental range of motion control, the Donjoy Telescoping Cool Knee Brace features flexion and extension ranges that increase gradually. The ranges increase in 10° increments from 0° to 120°.

Who Can Make Gains with the IROM Knee Brace?

Recovering from surgery on the knee tends to take a long time. Thankfully, wearing a knee brace like the Donjoy Telescoping Cool Knee Support works wonders in improving your condition. As the support immobilises the area, it helps prevent your knee from twisting uncomfortably, which could slow down the healing process.

Speeding up the recovery process means that you can get back on your feet as quickly as possible. This helps reduce losses in performance to a minimum, allowing you to play at your best.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Immobilises your knee to prevent further discomfort
  • Designed to control your range of motion in 10° increments
  • Crafted with formable hinge bars for varus and valgus positioning
  • Cool design makes the support ideal for warmer climates
  • Features an integrated strap and hinge bar design for support
  • Hinge bar can be broken down if required for added versatility
  • Telescoping design allows you to alter the support according to your needs
  • Length of the brace adjusts with a simple push of the button
  • Buckles allow fast and easy strapping for improved control
  • Brace can extend to the ankle to help prevent migration

Indications for the Post Operative Knee Support

Designed to immobilise your knee, the Donjoy Cool IROM Knee Brace is ideal for a number of post-operative conditions. This includes the following:

  • ACL surgeries
  • LCL surgeries
  • MCL surgeries
  • PCL surgeries

Sizing of the Telescoping Cool IROM Knee Brace

The Donjoy Telescoping Cool IROM is available in one universal size to fit most users. The support is designed for a leg length of over 66cm.

Highly Adjustable Design

The Telescoping Cool Knee Brace has a wide number of adjustable features. This includes the length of the brace, which can be altered at the push of a button. The brace can even extend to the ankle to help prevent migration so you don't have to continually adjust the support while you go about your day.

Features Formable Hinges

The IROM Post Operative Knee Brace is designed with formable hinge bars that allow you to position the varus and valgus comfortably. As no two knees are the same, this is an excellent way of tailoring the support to suit you.

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