Emfit QS Safebed Sleep Tracker
 Emfit QS Safebed Sleep TrackerEmfit QS Safebed Sleep Tracker 

Emfit QS Safebed Sleep Tracker

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  • Non-contact monitor for tracking sleep
  • Monitors recovery by studying stress levels
  • Identifies how deep the sleep is
  • Used by professional athletes
Available, dispatched in 1-4 days  

Available, dispatched in 1-4 days

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Sleep has a massive impact on your performance, building your energy and allowing your body to recover from any strains or stress, helping to prevent injuries during training. The Emfit QS Safebed Sleep Tracker gives you a detailed read-out each day of the quality of your sleep, allowing you to plan your work-outs and training in relation to how you are performing. Enhancing each work-out, the tracker stops you from pushing your body too far and over-training. React to each day as it comes with the sleep tracker!

Who Can Make Gains with the Emfit QS Safebed Sleep Tracker?

Used by a number of professional athletes, the Safebed Sleep Monitor is ideal for any sportsman. Your performance is determined by your training, which is guided by your sleep patterns. So rather than hoping for the best, you can plan each work out session in direct comparison to how well you will perform; why risk injury if you are not up to peak performance and why underestimate yourself if you are refreshed? Anyone can benefit from using the tracker, especially those who are serious about optimising their training sessions.

Features of the Emfit QS Safebed Sleep Tracker

  • Non-contact sleep monitor with medical grade sensor technology
  • High sensor sensitivity for monitoring heart rate
  • Detects heart rate, respiration rate and physical activity, sampled every 2 seconds
  • 3-stage sleep classification - REM, light and deep
  • 30 day trends for observing progress
  • Entire night heart-rate-variability monitoring 
  • Records amount and structure of sleep
  • Morning and evening RMSSD measurements to detect stress levels
  • Robust and durable
  • LF/HF ratio for whole night autonomic nervous system balance
  • Recovery: recovery ratio, total recovery, integrated recovery, evening and morning RMSSD
  • Ballistocardiography: graphical representation of human body motions due to the heart beat

Benefits of the Emfit QS Safebed Sleep Tracker

  • Helps monitor how any lifestyle changes are affecting your health
  • Identify what affects your sleep so you can change
  • Avoid over-train by reacting to your bodies needs
  • Monitors and records the impact of stress levels
  • No restraining wrist or chest straps
  • WiFi - no mobile phone needed
  • Passive technology does not interfere with sleep
  • Used by professional athletes
  • Suitable even under a thick mattress

Warranty of the Emfit QS Safebed Sleep Tracker

  • 2 year warranty

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