Escape Fitness 12kg Studio Vinyl Kettlebell (Red)

Escape Fitness 12kg Studio Vinyl Kettlebell (Red)

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  • Cast-iron 12kg kettlebell with vinyl coating
  • Suitable for use in the home or at the gym
  • Great way to burn fat and create lean muscle
  • Large vinyl handle for firm and comfy grip
Available, dispatched in 3-5 days  

Available, dispatched in 3-5 days

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Escape Fitness 12kg Studio Vinyl Kettlebell (Red)

Compactly sized with a comfy grip handle, the Escape Fitness 12kg Studio Vinyl Kettlebell (Red) is perfect for full-body workouts at home or in the gym. This cast-iron kettlebell is vinyl dipped to prevent marking the floor and is excellent for improving balance, strength and stamina to enhance athletic performance.

What's Included?

  • 1 x 12kg Kettlebell

Who Can Make Gains with the Escape Fitness Vinyl Kettlebell?

The Escape Fitness Studio Kettlebell is ideal for anyone looking to develop strong, lean muscle throughout their entire body. Kettlebell exercises bridge the gap between cardio and strength training, with various weighted movements that result in peak levels of overall fitness. The small and compact size of this kettlebell means you can use them anywhere and anytime, and their ability to work the entire body makes them perfect for home workouts.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Red 12kg kettlebell for shaping a toned, lean physique
  • Suitable for use in the house or at the gym
  • Burns fat fast by working muscles and cardio 
  • Improves balance, flexibility and overall fitness
  • Vinyl dip to prevent marking or damaging the floor
  • Small and compact for easy storage and transportation
  • Large handle for easy and comfortable grip
  • Brightly coloured to help differentiate and organise weight sizes

Who Can Use the Escape Fitness Vinyl Kettlebell?

The Escape Fitness Kettlebell is designed to cater to people of all fitness levels. If you are a novice weight trainer, then this kettlebell is perfect tool to get you started. For those with more experience, this is a great way to try out a new way of exercising that is very beneficial to overall health. 

How Do I Use the Escape Fitness Kettlebell?

There are many ways you can use the Escape Fitness Kettlebell to make gains. The kettlebell allows you to perform a variety of coordinated movements that work your entire body. The main three exercises you should perform for a full body workout include:

  • Kettlebell swings
  • Kettlebell snatches
  • Front squats

To show you how to perform these movements, the Escape Fitness team have created this handy guide below.

What are the Benefits of Kettlebell Training?

Why use a kettlebell over other weight training alternatives? Well, a kettlebell is better for building firmer, leaner muscle as opposed to bulkier muscle developed through power lifting. This helps to create more effective muscle strength that is ideal for athletes who want to perform at their very best. Kettlebell training has many more benefits that include:

  • Core strength
  • Lower body strength
  • Cardiovascular endurance
  • Balance and Flexibility

Improves Coordination

Not only will a kettlebell workout increase your lean muscle strength, it will also give your brain a workout too. The coordinated movements required for many kettlebell exercises involve an added element of mental stimulation that most other types of exercises are missing.

Burns Calories Fast

The big swinging movements you can perform with a kettlebell are a great way to work both muscular strength and cardiovascular endurance at the same time. Working both cardio and strength at once will result in burning a huge amount of calories very quickly. This makes kettlebells an excellent tool for losing excess weight.

Suitable for Home Use

The small, compact size of the Escape Fitness Kettlebell makes it perfect for home workouts. The cast-iron weight has been dipped in a vinyl coating that lasts for longer and also prevents the kettlebell from marking and damaging the floor of your home or gym.

What Other Weights Are There?

The Escape Fitness Team have developed a range of kettlebells available in different sizes. Each in a distinct colour to differentiate their size, the Escape Fitness Vinyl Kettlebell collection include the following sizes:

Where Can I Store the Kettlebell?

If you have decided to purchase multiple kettlebells for your home or club gym, then you're going to need somewhere to store them. The Escape Fitness Two Shelf Kettlebell Rack is designed especially for the Vinyl Kettlebells and is able to comfortably hold a pair of each size.

Technical Specifications

  • Weight: 12kg (26.5lb)
  • Colour: Red

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