Escape Fitness Adjustable Hurdle
Escape Fitness Adjustable HurdleEscape Fitness Adjustable HurdleEscape Fitness Adjustable Hurdle

Escape Fitness Adjustable Hurdle

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  • Adjustable height hurdles
  • Ideal for speed, agility and precision training
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Sold separately
Available, dispatched in 3-5 days  

Available, dispatched in 3-5 days

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Escape Fitness Adjustable Hurdle

Whether you're feeling high or low, the Escape Fitness Adjustable Hurdles can fit your mood. Easy to adjust and simple to store and transport, these hurdles are an inexpensive way to bring a bigger challenge and bigger gains to your routine.

Who Can Make Gains with the Escape Fitness Adjustable Hurdle?

  • Brain and Brawn: Speed training has been proven to engage and improve your cognitive and memory skills as well as your physical condition. Performing a movement, repeating it and learning how to execute it without looking down demands a huge amount of precision, memory, spatial awareness and physical agility, giving you a serious workout from in-head to toe.
  • Run the Gauntlet: There's far more than one way to run through your hurdles, and all of them will challenge your body and mind to be on top form. Set the distance between them and try a fast run-in, or push yourself and perform with only one leg leaping the hurdles. Jump through them in varying distances, or take a measured yet explosive approach and aim to cover your course in a set number of steps. However you want to work, these hurdles will work right along with you.
  • Strong Striders: Place your hurdles at a set distance and perform a few run-in reps, included in your regular routine you'll soon find your stride strength and length will improve, making these hurdles a must-have way to improve your running performance.
  • The Harsh Realities: Escape Fitness know that accidents happen, and landing on and tripping over your hurdle is an almost inescapable risk of any hurdle training. That's why these hurdles are not only adjustable to your desired size to minimise chances of injury, they're also brightly coloured to keep you hazard-aware, and made to be durable but lightweight.

Features of the Escape Fitness Adjustable Hurdle

  • Adjustable height hurdle allows you to progress and regress exercise drills
  • Offers multiple workout configurations and makes them suitable for both speed and accuracy training
  • No assembly is necessary when it comes to varying the height of the hurdles, simply twist to adjust to the level you require
  • Adjustable height options allow you to quickly cater for differing levels of fitness ability
  • Lightweight design for easy storage and transportation

Specifications of the Escape Fitness Adjustable Hurdle

  • Size: Adjustable from 150mm to 300mm in height
  • Colour: Green/Black
  • Sold Individually

The Escape Fitness Adjustable Hurdle comes with a 1 year warranty.

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