Escape Fitness Classic Steel Dumbbells and XRack (1 - 10 kg)

Escape Fitness Classic Steel Dumbbells and XRack (1 - 10 kg)

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  • Simple yet stylish dumbbells ranging from 1 - 10 kg (10 pairs)
  • Comes with a safe and compact XRack for easy storage
  • Mild steel is odour-free, and looks bright and clean
  • Stylish finish adds a touch of class to any establishment
Available, dispatched in 3-5 days  

Available, dispatched in 3-5 days

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The Escape Fitness Classic Steel Dumbbells and XRack (1 - 10 kg) is a simple yet effective combination of weights, together with the best storage solution for your club or gym. If your dumbbells are old, rusty or generally falling apart, it doesn't reflect well on your gym, and members might start to have doubts over whether to use them or not. Equally, not having somewhere to safely store your weights doesn't come off as very professional either. With the Classic Steel Dumbbells and XRack, though, members will have a great looking selection of weights to choose from.

Who Can Make Gains with the Classic Steel Dumbbells and XRack?

The Classic Steel Dumbbells are simple products that do the job they are designed for, without any unnecessary frills. They are comfortable to hold, making movements such as presses, curls and more easy to do. The design is minimalist, yet stylish and certainly eye-catching, so you can be sure they'll look good on the gym floor. Coming in a set of 10 pairs of dumbbells (1 - 10 kg) in one kilogram increments, there is something for everyone and you can be sure no one will be struggling to find a suitable weight.

The XRack is an effective and safe method of storing the dumbbells. The stylish design allows all 20 dumbbells to be stored together, ensuring your members always know where the appropriate weights are, and removing the possibility of an untidy, potentially dangerous gym floor with weights lying around.

Features and Benefits of the Classic Steel Dumbbells/XRack

  • Integrated rubber inserts around the head of the dumbbells offer improved grip
  • Rubber inserts also protect the floor from damage if a dumbbell is dropped
  • Mild steel has the advantage of being odour-free while also looking bright and clean
  • Stylish - the dumbbells have a classic look and add a touch of class to any venue
  • Comes with 20 dumbbells (10 pairs of dumbbells from 1 - 10 kg) and an XRack
  • If you'd prefer 2 kg increments from 2 - 20 kg, click here for the Classic Steel Dumbbells and XRack (2 - 20 kg)

Specifications of the Dumbells and XRack

  • Rack size - 640 mm x 930 mm x 1340 mm
  • Rack Weight - 43 kg

The Classic Steel Dumbbells come with a 1 year warranty and the XRack comes with a 5 year warranty.

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