Escape Fitness Combat Mat

Escape Fitness Combat Mat

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  • Battle-ready mat specifically designed for contact sports training
  • Use it in the gym or dojo for MMA, judo, karate, wrestling and more
  • Wipe clean material is practical for busy environments
  • Thick construction gives support and minimises injury risk
Available, dispatched in 3-5 days  

Available, dispatched in 3-5 days

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The Escape Fitness Combat Mat is the go-to mat for combat training. If you regularly engage in contact sports such as MMA, judo, karate or wrestling, then you'll realise the need for a soft landing. Getting body-slammed onto a hard floor is something everyone would prefer to avoid, and your muscles and joints will not thank you the next day. If the protective equipment in your gym or dojo is not up to standard, you can risk serious injury, and this can cause you to miss significant time you could otherwise have spent completing essential training and making progress.

The Combat Mat combats this problem, with a thick, supportive construction that means that even if you're losing your match, you're not losing the use of your limbs due to a hard landing.

Who Can Make Gains with the Combat Mat?

The Combat Mat is the perfect fit for any areas that are going to host contact sports of some kind. If you're running an MMA gym, or Karate Dojo for instance, you'll want to ensure that your members are as safe as possible, and while nothing can be guaranteed in such activities, at least you'll be safe in the knowledge that the flooring won't be the problem. The mat itself is both durable and slip resistant, while the material can quickly and easily be wiped clean, making it practical for busy studio environments. The dimensions of the mat are the same as the international standard for judo mats, so you can be sure that it's the perfect choice for all ability levels.

Features and Benefits of the Escape Fitness Combat Mat

  • Thick, protective mat for MMA, judo, wrestling, karate and more
  • Battle-ready and designed specifically for contact sports training
  • Durable, slip resistant and easy to clean - just wipe it down
  • Dimensions are the same as the international standard for judo mats

Specifications of the Combat Mat

  • Colour - Red
  • Material - PVC dense foam
  • Size - 2000 mm x 1000 mm x 40 mm

The Escape Fitness Combat Mat comes with a 2 year warranty

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