Escape Fitness Dura-balls (45cm - 75cm)
Escape Fitness Dura-balls (45cm - 75cm)Escape Fitness Dura-balls (45cm - 75cm)Escape Fitness Dura-balls (45cm - 75cm)Escape Fitness Dura-balls (45cm - 75cm)

Escape Fitness Dura-balls (45cm - 75cm)

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  • Great all-round ball for exercising
  • Burst resistant up to 500kg
  • Resists deformation and wear
  • Available in sizes between 45cm - 75cm
Available, dispatched in 1-3 days  

Available, dispatched in 1-3 days

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The Escape Fitness Dura-Ball Pro is a great all-round exercise ball, able to find an application in any gym or workout routine. Retaining its shape under heavy loads and maximising the body's stabilisation process, it is ideal for seating, exercise, rehabilitation and can be used with weights to gain a more challenging workout. Able to improve your posture or reduce back pain, the Duraball Pro is just as effective in the gym as out, try replacing office chairs with one for a healthier way to sit.

Who Can Make Gains With the Escape Fitness Dura-Ball?

The Dura-Ball is suitable for a wide range of uses, from people hoping to add definition and strength to their core to those who want better balance and posture.

  • Core training: Working out on the unstable surface of the Dura-ball will challenge your core muscles to balance, control and maintain your movements. A wider range of muscle groups will be forced to work to give you a greater challenge.
  • Prime Mover Strength: Exercises on the Dura-ball will encourage your pectoralis major, anterior deltoid and triceps to perform the action, while the stabilisers and neutralisers are working to prevent any other unnecessary movement, increasing overall strength and control.
  • Increase Balance: The shape of the ball makes for an exercise tool that prizes balance overall, adding ball-based exercises to your routine will increase your balance and gain better control of your overall movement.
  • Office chair replacements: The Escape Fitness Dura-ball has many applications beyond the gym. If you spend your day sitting at a desk, you may find your back falls into bad posture, and that the smaller trunk muscles consequently become weaker. Even those who have a committed work out routine are able to forget about the small muscles that are important in the normal daily tasks such as sitting and standing. Replacing your chair with a Dura-ball will encourage posture and "active sitting" which allows you body to move and stretch more naturally.
  • Expectant mothers: Exercise balls are a favourite among midwives to help women through labour. Able to equalise the pressure through the sitting area in a way birthing stools cannot, the Dura-ball has a firm application even in this most sensitive time.

Features of the Escape Fitness Dura-Ball

  • Up to 500kg burst resistant
  • Slow deflation when punctured giving the user time to get off, greatly reducing the risk of injury
  • Resists deformation under heavy load
  • Resistant to wear and stretching
  • Made of highly durable materials
  • Free from phthalates for a 100% non-toxic material

Specifications of the Escape Fitness Dura-Ball

  • Size: 45cm - 75cm
  • Material: Highly durable PVC
  • Colour: Red/Blue/Black/Silver

Escape Fitness Dura-balls come with a 1 year warranty.

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