Escape Fitness Heavy Pro Punchbag

Escape Fitness Heavy Pro Punchbag

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  • Professional punchbag for heavy hitters
  • Internal core for stability
  • Tough outer surface is kind to hands
  • Dense foam for realistic fighting sensation
Available, dispatched in 3-5 days  

Available, dispatched in 3-5 days

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Escape Fitness Heavy Pro Punchbag

The Escape Fitnesses Heavy Pro Punchbag is designed and built with heavy hitters in mind. Featuring high density outer foam and a strong central spine, this tough build ensures it stands up to abuse and keep its shape for many years.

Who Can Make Gains with the Escape Fitness Heavy Pro Punchbag?

  • Heavy hitters: The Heavy Pro Punchbag's double layered canvas is made from BTEX, a synthetic leather material that is incredibly tough and resilient, yet also forgiving for users to offer protection for hands and wrists.
  • A Realistic Challenge: Core stability blocks work with the outer foam to help maintain the bag’s shape. They also contribute to a feeling that is incredibly realistic: serious boxers get a sensation that’s very close to real fight conditions.
  • Bag Batterers: High density outer foam is designed to stay in place. This is a dramatic improvement over inferior alternatives, where loose material is used that over time sags down to the bottom of the bag.

Features of the Escape Fitness Heavy Pro Punchbag


01. Tough BTEX surface with target zones

 For serious training that still prizes safety

 02. Core stability blocks

For a realistic fighting sensation

 03. High density outer foam

 To prevent collapsing or softening over time







Specifications of the Escape Fitness Heavy Pro Punchbag

  • Size: Diameter 450mm x Length 1200mm
  • Weight: 41kg
  • Colour: Black/White

The Escape Fitness Heavy Pro Punchbag comes with a 1 year warranty.

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