Escape Fitness Multi Grip Medballs (6 kg - 10 kg)

Escape Fitness Multi Grip Medballs (6 kg - 10 kg)
  • Escape Fitness 6 kg - 10 kg medicine balls
  • Ergonomic handles allow user to grip them in multiple positions
  • Oversized numbering for easy weight indication
  • Grip the core of the ball for extra workout variety

The Escape Fitness Multi Grip Medballs are a versatile addition to any exercise programme. If you own a gym it's vital that your members are using the products properly catered to their needs. Using medicine balls can be confusing for inexperienced members, and they might not know how to grip or use them properly. This could lead to improper movements and injury, or limit the number of exercises they can perform. With the Multi Grip Medballs, however, the tough, ergonomic handles make it obvious where to hold the balls, and make a range of exercises that much easier as you won't have to struggle with gripping them.

Who Can Make Gains with the Escape Fitness Multi Grip Medballs?

The Multi Grip Medballs are ideal for either a gym or club owner, or the individual looking for a convenient way to work out at home. They are suitable for a variety of exercises, and are great for making bodyweight exercises such as crunches or squats more challenging by adding resistance. Coming in weights from 6 - 10 kg, they suit a wide range of age groups and abilities, so in group exercise situations there will be an appropriate weight for everyone.

Medicine balls are a great addition to any exercise programme as they allow a range of movements which might be new to people if they have only experienced regular free weights or machines. They can simulate functional movements that come in handy in daily life, and can assist in building muscle, gaining strength or burning calories and losing fat.

Features and Benefits of the Escape Fitness Multi Grip Medballs

  • Choose from 6 kg - 10 kg of weight - perfect for a range of ages and ability levels
  • Oversized numbering means weight identification in a busy studio environment has never been easier
  • Endless workout possibilities – users can grip the ball in a variety of different ways
  • Extra tough handles moulded into the sides of the balls make gripping it much easier
  • Use for a range of exercises - crunches, squats, lunges and more

Specifications of the Escape Fitness Multi Grip Medballs

  • Weight: 6 kg- 10 kg
  • Material: Rubber
  • Size: 240 mm

The Escape Fitness Multi Grip Medballs come with a 1 year warranty.

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