Escape Fitness Professional Bulgarian Bag (5kg - 22kg)
Escape Fitness Professional Bulgarian Bag (5kg - 22kg)Escape Fitness Professional Bulgarian Bag (5kg - 22kg)Escape Fitness Professional Bulgarian Bag (5kg - 22kg)

Escape Fitness Professional Bulgarian Bag (5kg - 22kg)

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  • Weighted bag for a range of fitness applications
  • Made of genuine Bulgarian leather
  • Slowly moulds to users hands
  • 12kg in weight with coloured straps for identification
Available, dispatched in 1-2 days  

Available, dispatched in 1-2 days

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Inspired by wrestling techniques, devoured by fitness fanatics, the Escape Fitness Bulgarian Bags are a unique functional tool developed to improve explosive actions and dynamic tri-planar movement patterns. The wide weight range and varied programming means the Bulgarian Bag is suitable for users of all abilities.

Who Can Make Gains with the Escape Fitness 12kg Professional Bulgarian Bag?

Ivan Ivanov invented the Bulgarian Bag in 2005. A former Bulgarian GrecoRoman Olympic athlete, he was looking for a training tool that would allow his wrestlers to improve explosive actions and dynamic movements.

  • Wrestling: Originally designed for just this purpose, the Bulgarian Bag delivers a full body work out, lift it, carry it, spin it, the Bulgarian Bag will quickly find an application in any routine.
  • Cross Training: A fully portable work out tool, the Bulgarian Bag is perfect for giving your body a full work-out as part of your daily fitness regime. Swinging it, throwing it or twisting with it, the Bulgarian Bag really has your body working hard and moving fast in a way that traditional methods cannot achieve.
  • Modern fitness with an ancient twist: The Bulgarian Bag was made to help improve athletes' performance in pushing, twisting, swinging, pulling, bending, rotating, squatting, lunging and throwing. Ivanov was inspired by the tradition of shepherds performing strength acts with sheep and goats at street fairs in his native Bulgaria. The Bulgarian Bag was created as a modern interpretation of the old tradition.
  • Core Training: The Bulgarian Bag prizes co-ordination, grip and endurance, a set of any one of the variety of moves possible with your Bulgarian Bag will have your body twisting, stretching, lifting weight and reacting all at once to get your heart pumping in no time.
  • Stand the tests of strength and time: The Leather Bulgarian bag improves as you do, as it is 'broken in' it becomes softer and more pliable in the user's hands while maintaining the strength and premium finish of pure leather.

Features of the Escape Fitness 12kg Professional Bulgarian Bag - Red Straps

  • Easy clean and hygienic perfect for busy studios
  • Unlike anything else, totally unique to the market
  • Great portable tool
  • Tough leather construction for longevity and a premium finish
  • Colour-coded straps allows users to easily identify the required weight
  • Soft leather moulds to a user’s hand for a personal feel when performing
  • Effective at targeting the posterior chain
  • Great for training rotation/transverse plane

Specifications of the Escape Fitness 12kg Professional Bulgarian Bag - Red Straps

  • Weight: 8 Kilograms 
  • Material: Genuine Bulgarian Leather
  • Strap Colour: Red

Escape Fitness Bulgarian Bags come with a 2 year warranty.

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