Escape Fitness Resistance Parachute
 Escape Fitness Resistance ParachuteEscape Fitness Resistance Parachute 

Escape Fitness Resistance Parachute

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  • Durable resistance parachute 
  • Step-in waist belt attachment
  • Comes with carry case
  • Generates up to 11kg of force
Available, dispatched in 3-5 days  

Available, dispatched in 3-5 days

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Escape Fitness Resistance Parachute

Take resistance training to the next level with the Escape Fitness Resistance Parachute, the current must-have accessory of many a pro athlete. Working as a resistance band does - to add greater challenge and therefore greater gains to an otherwise straight-forward routine, the resistance parachute will soon have your running ability at explosive new levels.

Who Can Make Gains with the Escape Fitness Resistance Parachute?

  • Full Body Workout: Designed to improve strength, power and explosiveness, strengthen your calves, glutes and quads with a simple addition to your regular routine. Parachute resistance training has been used to help improve vertical jumping ability, sprinting times and marathon performances. One Step Further: As you challenge yourself to push through resistance, your overall power will improve. Thanks to the parachute making things tougher on your limbs, you'll actively build strength as you run, and may soon find that your overall speed has increased.
  • Just Run: No need to change up anything else once you've hooked up to your parachute. Work in short, explosive bursts to really feel yourself push through resistance and the newly added challenge to your normal routine.
  • Winding Through: Test your agility as well as your strength with the resistance parachute. Take on a winding path, set up your own course with cones and take on the zig-zag run while pushing through resistance.
  • On-Off: Once you've really adapted to your chute, try running a distance with the parachute before releasing it and continuing to run the same length without it. This challenging workout will soon make you aware of the gains you've been making.

Features of the Escape Fitness Resistance Parachute

  • Lightweight, durable resistance parachute with step-in belt
  • Comes with custom-designed carry bag An adaptive air brake (air duct) keeps the chute stable when it’s in the air to reduce spinning and keep it flying straight
  • Attaches around the waist to ensure the contact point is always close to the user’s centre of gravity
  • Up to 11kg of force can be generated which is guaranteed to add some serious resistance to any cardio workout

The Escape Fitness Resistance Parachute comes with a 1 year warranty.

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