Escape Fitness Ridge Roller
Escape Fitness Ridge RollerEscape Fitness Ridge RollerEscape Fitness Ridge Roller

Escape Fitness Ridge Roller

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  • Moulded fitness roller
  • Durable and highly effective design
  • Hollow build for storage and portability 
  • Perfect before, during or after exercise
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In stock now

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Escape Fitness Ridge Roller

Cool looking yet brilliantly effective, the Escape Fitness Ridge Roller mimics the pressure applied by a sports therapist’s hands – the textured surface offers superb feel and allows the user to apply significant, but bearable, amounts of pressure on both muscle and fascia. The hollow shape offers superb levels of grips and doubles as a handy storage unit.

Who Can Make Gain From the Escape Fitness Ridge Roller?

  • Experienced Rollers: Perfect for experienced foam roller users, this roller is a highly effective mix of pleasure and pain as it locates and massages your troubled muscles. It's ridged surface is moulded rather than cut making this one long-lasting, tough-going roller. 
  • Daily Users: Made from closed cell EVA foam, the roller is built to last, able to withstand constant, heavy and repeated use without breaking down.
  • Travelling Athletes: Lightweight and compact, the ridge roller takes up less room in a rucksack and even provides storage space thanks to its hollow design.
  • The Human Touch: A ridged surface of varied shapes and hollows replicates the palm and fingertips of a real sports therapist, enabling the roller to penetrate the muscle deeper for a more effective massage experience.
  • Health Clubs: Rollers are an increasingly popular choice for anyone looking to treat aches and pains. As ideal for post-work out massages as they are for reviving limbs that have been sat at a desk all day, any health facility is also sure to benefit from having a roller on hand. Easy to clean and able to be used for a vast range of applications, the ridge roller delivers maximum value for money.
  • No Pain, No Gain: To truly embrace foam rolling you have to understand that it is likely going to hurt when you first start. It may take some time to adapt, but the pay-off will be worth the perseverance with a reduction in pain and improvement in your range of motion as well as what will soon become an unbeatable post-workout treatment to keep next-day stiffness and aches at bay.

​Please note that individuals with pre-existing medical conditions, especially those which concern the spine, should seek clearance from their doctor before using a Foam Roller.

Features of the Escape Fitness Ridge Roller

  • Ridges and hollows mimic the palm and finger motions of a real massage
  • Moulded surface maintains the integrity of the EVA foam roller
  • Built to withstand heavy, repeated treatment
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Hollow design for handy storage and carrying
  • Easy to clean
  • Simple yet eye-catching design

Specifications of the Escape Fitness Ridge Roller

  • Size:  Length 380mm x Diameter 140mm
  • Material: EVA Foam with hollow plastic centre
  • Colour: Black

The Escape Fitness Ridge Roller comes with a 1 year warranty.

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