Escape Fitness Sandbags (10kg - 40kg)

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  • Extremely versatile weighted sandbag
  • Additional handles for improved grip
  • Sharp, colourful design for easier identification
  • Available in 5 weights
Available, dispatched in 3-5 days  

Available, dispatched in 3-5 days

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Escape Fitness' toughest bags yet give you the ultimate challenge. When it comes to personal training and bootcamp sessions, Escape Fitness Sandbags are one of the most versatile pieces of equipment you can own. Although not a new invention, lifting a sandbag is an old-school way to build strength and develop stamina. 

Who Can Make Gains With The Escape Fitness Sandbags?

Valuing not only strength but stability, the Escape Fitness Sandbag has an endless range of applications:

  • The Challengers: The Escape Fitness Sandbags pose as a serious challenge to anyone looking to add more to their workout. Incredibly inclusive, even the basic movement patterns can gain from this versatile tool.
  • Boot Camps: Integrated, reinforced handles and high quality nylon means this bag is highly durable, perfect for the rigours of boot camp.
  • Grip Training: Engage your deep core muscles with sandbag grip training, the unstable filling forces your body to work harder and the reinforced internal weight tube means this innovative workout tool won't stop unless you do.
  • Squats and Jumps: Place the sandbag on the shoulders and chest for an extra challenge when jumping or squatting.
  • Group Training: Don't go solo, team up and work out with this versatile sandbag, throwing, grabbing or carrying.
  • Revive Your Routine: Replace your usual weights with the unstable, ever-changing shape of a sandbag and find yourself using more muscles, expending greater energy and giving yourself a much more effective work out. The shifting shape of the bag forces the body to constantly adjust, keeping your muscles guessing with every rep. 

Features of the Escape Fitness Sandbags

With a choice of progressive weights to keep your training on track, the Escape Fitness Sandbags are a must-have addition to any gym or workout space.

  • One of Escape Fitness' most versatile pieces of equipment
  • Perfect for improving strength and stamina
  • Reinforced internal weight tube
  • Integrated, reinforced multiple handle positions
  • Oversized numbering for easy weight identification
  • Pre-filled, securely sealed, non-adjustable weights
  • Innovative, eye-catching design
  • Available in weights between 10kg - 40kg

Weight Coded by Colour

The Escape Fitness Sandbags are available in several different weights with colours coded specifically for each.

Colour Weight
Green 10kg
Blue 15kg
Red 20kg
Grey 30kg
Black 40kg

Specifications of the Escape Fitness Sandbags

  • Size: 550 millimetres x 250 millimetres 
  • Weight: 10 Kilograms - 40 Kilograms
  • Material: High-quality Nylon/Polyester

Escape Fitness Sandbags come with a 1 year warranty.

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