Escape Fitness Sanitised Neck Protector

Escape Fitness Sanitised Neck Protector

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  • Comfortable and hygienic neck protector for squatting
  • Prevents pain and discomfort from the bar so you can concentrate fully
  • Closed cell construction, dense material and wipe clean surface reduce transfer of germs 
  • Made of long-lasting urethane that won't lose shape like conventional foam


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The Escape Fitness Sanitised Neck Protector is a great product for squats. If you regularly squat, you'll be used to the discomfort this can cause on the back of your neck and traps. You'll also be picking up the same bar as hundreds of others have before, and the bacteria build up with such a large degree of contact with the skin is an unpleasant reality of shared equipment. The Neck Protector solves this issue, as it provides a comfortable alternative, keeping your skin largely free of bacteria, and leaving you able to focus on your workout in comfort.

Who Can Make Gains with the Sanitised Neck Protector?

The Sanitised Neck Protector is ideal for anyone who wants a more comfortable experience when they squat. Especially when you're using heavier weight, or using the low bar squat technique, resting the bar can be uncomfortable on the skin and even cause you to lose focus on the lift. From a gym owner's perspective, having a more hygienic product is also an attractive prospect, not only ensuring happy members, but also keeping you in line with good health and safety practises. With the closed cell construction and dense properties of the urethane material, you can be sure that the build up of bacteria and dead skin will be prevented. 

Features and Benefits of the Escape Fitness Neck Protector

  • Comfortable, hygienic product to protect your neck during squats
  • Allows you to focus fully on your lifting without worrying about pain and discomfort from the bar
  • Made out of long-lasting urethane that won't lose shape like conventional foam pads
  • Closed cell construction and density of the material prevents build up of dead skin and bacteria 
  • Wipe clean sanitised surface also reduces the transfer of pathogenic germs for a more hygienic experience

The Escape Fitness Sanitised Neck Protector comes with a 1 year warranty.

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