Escape Fitness SBX Dumbbell Set (2 - 20kg) and ESC5 Rack

Escape Fitness SBX Dumbbell Set (2 - 20kg) and ESC5 Rack

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  • Stylish and tough dumbbell set from 2 - 20 kg (10 pairs) with a stylish, compact rack
  • Made of a specially-designed SBX rubber that's perfectly suited to dumbbell construction
  • Dumbbells are hard wearing, impact absorbing and resistant to scratches
  • Rack can hold 10 pairs of dumbbells with ease in a unique design with a silver finish
This product has been discontinued. Please contact our team for details of the latest release.  

This product has been discontinued. Please contact our team for details of the latest release.

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The Escape Fitness SBX Dumbbell Set (2 - 20kg) and ESC5 Rack is the ideal combination for kitting out any free weights area. In any gym, members appreciate a lot of varied and good quality equipment, and dumbbells are particularly important. If your members are struggling to find a suitable pair, or the ones they can find are falling apart, it won't reflect well on your facility and members might look for another place to train.

The SBX Dumbbells and rack are a great solution to this issue though. Made with a purer form of rubber, to high manufacturing standards, they can withstand a lot and will continue to perform even after extensive use. Coming in weights from 2 - 20kg, these weights are ideal for beginners to intermediate lifters. The rack is also a convenient and safe way of storing your dumbbells, ensuring you always know where they are and that you can access them easily.

Who Can Make Gains with the SBX Dumbbell Set and Rack?

The SBX Dumbbells are the perfect choice for a range of venues, and will be right at home in any gym or club. The stylish look of the dumbbells will make any facility look great, and the pure form of SBX rubber, specially made for gym equipment, ensures that the dumbbells are hard-wearing and impact absorbing, prolonging their performance for a longer life.

With a choice of weights from 2 - 20kg your gym will be more inclusive and have something for everyone. These weights are more suited to beginners and intermediate lifters, but can also be used for more difficult exercises such as lateral raises, biceps curls or triceps extensions, for example. The ESC5 rack holds the 10 pairs of dumbbells comfortably and securely, keeping them out of your members' way, and ensuring you know where every weight is and can easily take it from the rack when needed.

Features and Benefits of the Escape Fitness SBX Dumbbells/ESC5 Rack

  • High quality, hard wearing dumbbells to suit any free weights area
  • Specially made with SBX rubber, which is durable, impact absorbing and resistant to scratches
  • Delta-lock system features an end plate retaining bolt, a large diameter lock nut and a machined steel head locator
  • Manufactured to ISO9000 standards, so you can be sure of the quality of the dumbbells
  • ESC5 Rack is a stylish and compact storage solution for your dumbbells, and can hold 10 pairs with ease

Specifications of the ESC5 Rack

  • Size - 1823mm x 900mm x 820mm
  • Weight - 105kg
The Dumbbells come with a 2 year warranty, and the Rack Comes with a 5 year warranty.

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