Escape Fitness SBX Dumbbell Set
 Escape Fitness SBX Dumbbell SetEscape Fitness SBX Dumbbell Set 

Escape Fitness SBX Dumbbell Set

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  • Stylish and tough dumbbells coming in a choice of sets between 2 and 50 kg
  • Made of a specially-designed SBX rubber that's perfectly suited to weights
  • Hard-wearing, impact absorbing and resistant to scratches
  • Pick and choose which weight set is most suitable for your facility
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In stock now

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The Escape Fitness SBX Dumbbell Set is the perfect product to be the focal point of any free weights area. In any gym, members appreciate a lot of varied and good quality equipment, and dumbbells are especially important. If your members are struggling to find a matching pair, or the ones they can find are falling apart, it won't look good for your facility and members might seek out a gym that better caters to their needs. 

The SBX Dumbbells are a great solution to this issue though. Made with a purer form of rubber, to high manufacturing standards, they can withstand a lot and will continue to perform even after extensive use. With several sets of weights to choose from, there is something to suit every gym and every budget.

Who Can Make Gains with the SBX Dumbbells?

The SBX Dumbbells are the perfect choice for a range of venues, and will be right at home in the free weights area. The stylish look of the dumbbells will make any facility look great, and the pure form of SBX rubber, specially made for gym equipment, ensures that the dumbbells are hard-wearing and impact absorbing, prolonging their performance for a longer life.

There are several options to choose from - with 5 pair and 10 pair options, and a choice of weights from 2 - 20 kg, 12 - 30 kg, 22 - 30 kg, 32 - 40 kg or 42 - 50 kg. Therefore you can choose the best option depending on your preferences, and the preferences and ability levels of the members you attract/want to attract. 

Features and Benefits of the Escape Fitness SBX Dumbbells

  • High quality, hard wearing dumbbells to suit any free weights area
  • Specially made with SBX rubber, which is durable, impact absorbing and resistant to scratches
  • Delta-lock system features an end plate retaining bolt, a large diameter lock nut and a machined steel head locator
  • Manufactured to ISO9000 standards, so you can be sure of the quality of the dumbbells
  • Come in a choice of weight sets, so you can choose the range of weights best suited to your facility

The Escape Fitness Dumbbells come with a 2 year warranty.

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