Escape Fitness Plyosoft Plyometric Jump Boxes (Set of 3)
Escape Fitness Plyosoft Plyometric Jump Boxes (Set of 3)Escape Fitness Plyosoft Plyometric Jump Boxes (Set of 3)Escape Fitness Plyosoft Plyometric Jump Boxes (Set of 3)Escape Fitness Plyosoft Plyometric Jump Boxes (Set of 3)

Escape Fitness Plyosoft Plyometric Jump Boxes (Set of 3)

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  • Set of 300mm, 450mm and 600mm jump boxes for plyometric exercise
  • Provides an intense and explosive lower body workout
  • Boxes can be connected to increase the intensity
  • Target markings to encourage correct form
Available, dispatched in 3-5 days  

Available, dispatched in 3-5 days

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Escape Fitness Plyosoft Plyometric Jump Boxes (Set of 3)

Add some variety to your training routine by introducing plyometric exercise. These explosive workouts will put your body through the motions, resulting in quick, effective muscle gains as well as increased balance and stamina. The Escape Fitness Plyosoft Plyometric Jump Boxes provide three levels of height to cater to all levels of fitness. The boxes can even be stacked for those that want a real challenge.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Green 300mm Jump Box
  • 1 x Blue 450mm Jump Box
  • 1 x Red 600mm Jump Box

Who Can Make Gains with the Plyosoft Jump Box Set?

Plyometrics are intense, explosive workouts that test the strength of even the most seasoned athletes. If you compete in a sport that requires lots of running or jumping, this plyometric box will help train your legs and boost their power to give you the edge in competitions. This 3-in-1 jump box set allows you to gradually build up confidence and increase the height of your jumps over time.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Three attachable boxes suitable for plyometric exercise
  • Helps to boost speed, strength, endurance and stamina
  • Staple addition to any fitness studio or gymnasium
  • Connectable boxes to increase the level of intensity
  • Innovative honeycomb design for greater safety and stability
  • Soft/firm hybrid foam to reduce the risk of injury while remaining stable
  • Target markers to encourage better form with precise jumping
  • Velcro straps can be tucked out of the way
  • Anti-slip surfaces to prevent slips and falls
  • Lightweight material for easy transport and storage
  • Durable outer material for greater longevity

Who Can Use the Escape Fitness Plyometric Jump Boxes?

Jump box exercises can be quite intense for those who do not exercise regularly. Therefore, it is recommended that you should already have a moderate level of fitness before you use this product. The taller boxes require an exceptional level of strength to be able to jump safely, and should only be used by those who are confident in their physical ability. 

Caution: It is not advisable to use this product when first starting out, as this could potentially cause muscle injury or ligament damage. 

How Do I Use the Plyometric Jump Box?

There are a number of ways in which you can use the Plyometric Jump Box to help boost your speed, strength and endurance. The main three box jumps you can perform include:

  • Lateral Box Jumps: Jumping from side-to-side across the box. 
  • Frontal Box Jumps: Jumping forwards onto the box (see below image).
  • Transverse Box Jumps: Jumping forwards onto the box from a sideways starting position.

frontal jump squat

Once you're confident performing these exercises, you can increase the intensity by adding weight, isolating one leg or transposing into other exercises (i.e. burpees).

Why Try Plyometrics?

Plyometrics are so good because they are fun, intense and great for building explosive power. Using natural movements such as jumping, stepping or hopping, you will make quick lower-body muscle gains while also increasing your stamina and endurance. These exercises should be a staple in any training regimen that's tailored towards high-level athletes in sports such as:

  • Track running
  • Track jumping
  • Cycling
  • Football
  • Boxing

Innovative Honeycomb Design

Though the Escape Fitness Jump Box may look simple at first, it actually has a thoughtful design with safety and practicality in mind. The honeycomb design of the box is used to create a hybrid of both hard and soft foam.

  • Hard foam ensures stability when using the jump box and provides a safe landing place for your feet.
  • Soft foam cushions impacts on the knee or shin should the exercise manoeuvre go wrong.

The hybrid foam honeycomb is there to help the user build confidence when performing jump box exercises, as there is less risk of pain and injury.

Gradual Muscle Development

Having access to three Plyometric Jump Boxes of varying height gives you the opportunity to gradually build muscle strength. Start out by using the smallest 300mm green box to get used to the intensity and practice good form. Once you feel confident enough to jump up a level, switch to the blue or red box for extra challenge. After mastering those, connect the boxes for even more height to really test your ability.

Target Markings for Improving Form

To encourage proper form, the Escape Fitness Plyometric Jump Box has integrated markings at the top to show where to aim your feet. This helps you achieve perfect form while executing jump box exercises to ensure a fuller range of motion. In addition, correct form will reduce the likelihood of sustaining harmful injuries during exercise.

Build Up Your Confidence

The key to getting the most out of plyometric exercise is to gradually work your way up and prepare the muscles for greater intensity. If you would like a smaller jump box to help your confidence grow before tackling the larger ones, then the Escape Fitness Soft Plyometric Jump Box 150mm (Grey) is ideal for beginners.

Designed for Convenience

With convenience in mind, the Escape Fitness Jump Box Set is made with lightweight foam material. This makes it easy to move from one side of the gym to the other without endangering anyone. The outer layer is made from durable material to ensure that the jump boxes will last a long time. Additionally, the box cover is anti-slip to help prevent injury when using the box.

Technical Specifications

  • Green Box:
    • Height: 300mm (12")
    • Width: 750mm (30")
    • Length: 900mm (35")
    • Weight: 13kg (29lb)
  • Blue Box:
    • Height: 450mm (18")
    • Width: 750mm (30")
    • Length: 900mm (35")
    • Weight: 14kg (31lb)
  • Red Box: 
    • Height: 600mm (24")
    • Width: 750mm (30")
    • Length: 900mm (35")
    • Weight: 16.5kg (36lb)

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