Escape Fitness Speed Discs (Set of 12)

Escape Fitness Speed Discs (Set of 12)
 Escape Fitness Speed Discs (Set of 12)Escape Fitness Speed Discs (Set of 12) 
  • Lightweight speed disks
  • Create unique agility courses
  • Water and mud proof, simply wipe clean
  • Easily stackable for quick storage


Available, dispatched in 1-2 days  

Available, dispatched in 1-2 days

Escape Fitness Speed Disks (Set of 12)

A simple way to a complete workout, Escape Fitness Speed Disks are an essential part of any professional gym or aspiring athlete's kit. Fitness is all about goals and targets, so knowing where those targets are is essential to a well executed work out. Thanks to these disks, your workout can be planned, marked and executed to fit your exact needs. 

Who Can Make Gains with the Escape Fitness Speed Disks?

  • All-In Work-Outs: Speed training works your leg and core muscles, your tendons, spacial awareness and even your memory. A great alternative to speed cones which might be toppled during high speed work uts, speed disks are more compact and lightweight ways of marking your course.
  • Change it up: Running from one disk to another is a simple way of using these tools, but not the best way to make the most of them. With brightly coloured  disks helping you pace your workout, you can run to the first point, back pedal to the nest, include a hip rotation as you travel to the next. Being able to pin-point every change in your routine thanks to them being clearly marked means spontaneous changes and well-paced action is easy to instigate.
  • Combining Challenges: Use with a resistance band to run to one point, shuffle to the next and run again, or carry a dumbbell through the looping course you can set out just how you want it. These disks can be used however you want for whatever you need, to help you make the absolute most of your routine.
  • Boot Camps: Marking the start and ending points of your next exercise, these disk are water-proof, easy to clean and perfect for outdoor applications. Using medicine balls? These disks can even hold them in place at each station to stop them rolling away.
  • Recovery: Knowing your goals and your limits is essential to healthy recovery. Speed disks provide a clearly marked course that allows you to actively work towards a very clear goal and measure your progress over the hours of training.

Features of the Escape Fitness Speed Disks

  • Versatile and hard-wearing
  • High visibility disks make it easy to define space and create multiple layouts in the studio, functional area or outdoors
  • The gloss finish means rain, mud and sweat easily washes off the discs
  • The Russian doll stacking design enables the disks to be stored quickly and conveniently
  • Lightweight and portable

Specifications of the Escape Fitness Speed Disks

  • Sold in sets of 12

The Escape Fitness Speed Disks come with a 1 year warranty. 

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