Escape Fitness Tiyr Sport 10kg Exercise Tyre
Escape Fitness Tiyr Sport 10kg Exercise TyreEscape Fitness Tiyr Sport 10kg Exercise TyreEscape Fitness Tiyr Sport 10kg Exercise Tyre

Escape Fitness Tiyr Sport 10kg Exercise Tyre

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  • 10kg exercise tyre for natural strength development
  • Suitable all people of all fitness levels
  • Offers fun and creative group or solo exercise
  • Made from completely recycled foam composite
Available, dispatched in 3-5 days  

Available, dispatched in 3-5 days

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Escape Fitness Tiyr Sport 10kg Exercise Tyre

Exercise tyres can be used in many ways to develop power and strength throughout the entire body. Thanks to the practical features of the Escape Fitness Tiyr Sport 10kg Exercise Tyre, this versatile exercise prop provides the user with a challenging but rewarding full-body workout. Ideal for strength training, you can use the tyre individually or team up with others to make things more fun.

What's Included?

  • 1 x 10kg Exercise Tyre

Who Can Make Gains with the Escape Fitness Tiyr Sport?

Exercise tyres are one of the best ways to develop real, practical strength through natural movements. If your primary training goal is to build raw power and become stronger, then the Escape Fitness Tiyr Sport is the perfect tool to help you achieve this. Built for ultimate practicality, this innovative exercise tyre allows you to enhance your workouts with variety and challenge. 

Key Features and Benefits

  • 10kg sports tyre for multi-faceted strength and cardio training
  • Perfect for exercises that work out your entire body
  • Connects with power bands and battle ropes for even more variety
  • Able to perform fun and creative workouts individually or in a group
  • Anti-slip material on the bottom and inner side of the wheel
  • Tough base and cover for longer durability
  • Mass evenly spread to ensure easy application
  • Eco-friendly design made from recycled foam
  • Easy to clean for hygiene and convenience 

Who Can Use the Escape Fitness Tiyr Sport?

Every gym should feature an exercise tyre simply because they are so simple yet effective. If you won't settle for any less than the best equipment for your gym, then the Escape Fitness Tiyr is catered specifically for you. The many practical features this product offers make it the most convenient and accessible workout tyre on the market to date.

In terms of who can most benefit from tyre exercises, the Escape Tiyr is suitable for all levels of fitness, but is especially ideal for people who do the following:

  • HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)
  • Boxing Training
  • Kick-Boxing Training

How Do I Use the Escape Fitness Exercise Wheel?

The Tiyr Sport is proof that all you need is a weighted tyre to make effective, high-quality muscle gains. Push, pull, lift, drag, flip or carry the tyre to put your body through an intense full body workout. Come up with your exercises or workout with a partner to make exercise a fun and exciting experience. 

tiyr sport in action

What Are the Benefits of an Exercise Tyre?

An exercise tyre is a great way of developing strong, effective muscle using natural body movements. These natural movements have the double effect of producing real, practical strength while also making you look fit and healthy. On top of this, tyre training comes with many other benefits that include:

  • Building Strength
  • Boosting Power
  • Enhancing Endurance
  • Shedding Body Fat

Customise Your Workout

Featuring two straps on the outer rim of the wheel, the Escape Fitness Tiyr can be used in creative ways when combined with other equipment. Attach power bands or battle ropes to the straps and pull the tyre along the ground for an extremely difficult but enjoyable challenge.

Suitable for Beginners

Although working out with a tyre may seem daunting at first, the Escape Tiyr is practically designed to accommodate people of all fitness levels. The weight is distributed easily throughout the tyre, meaning that it is easier to lift for novice users and people who are shorter.

Recycled Material

Made entirely from recycled foam composite, the Escape Fitness Tyre is eco-friendly as well as practical. Once the Tiyr has finished serving you, the entire thing can be recycled so you don't have to worry about creating unethical waste.

Technical Specifications

  • Outer Diameter: 670mm (26.4")
  • Inner Diameter: 245mm (9.6")
  • Height: 245mm (9.6")
  • Weight: 10kg (22lb)

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