Escape Fitness Training Bars

Escape Fitness Training Bars
 Escape Fitness Training BarsEscape Fitness Training Bars 
  • Fun and versatile training bars for a range of exercises
  • Great for group workouts or training at home
  • Comes in three different weights so there's something to suit everyone
  • Eye-catching appearance, sure to appeal to a wide range of users

The Escape Fitness Training Bars are an effective, versatile workout tool. If you're tired of doing the same old workouts, and limited by the range of exercises that using just dumbbells or other free weights provide, it is easy to get downhearted and put less effort into your training. This could even lead to you giving up, and missing out on the multiple benefits of exercise.

The Training Bars add something different to your workout, and can be used either with traditional movements such as squats or curls, or with almost any movement you can imagine, making them more versatile than regular weight bars or dumbbells. 

Who Can Make Gains with the Training Bars?

The Training Bars are ideal for a very wide range of ages and ability levels, coming in three different weights so you can choose the one most suited to your requirements. They are ideal for group exercise, such as moving to music, as they can be moved in a variety of ways to target the whole body. The Training Bars are equally suited to home workouts, as they can easily be stored and then brought out whenever they are needed. The materials and printing process, unique to escape fitness, combine to create a product that is as appealing to look at as it is effective.

Features and Benefits of the Escape Fitness Power Tubes

  • Unique material and printing process creates a bar that's funky, fun and engaging
  • All bars are the same length and diameter, regardless of weight (1250 mm x 32 mm)
  • Comes in three different weight options, allowing you to find the best fit (3, 4 and 5 kg)
  • Perfect for group exercise, but just as effective at home if you can't make it to the gym

The Escape Fitness Training Bars come with a 1 year warranty.

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