Escape Fitness Urethane Dumbbell Set (42 - 50 kg) and ESC4 Rack

Escape Fitness Urethane Dumbbell Set (42 - 50 kg) and ESC4 Rack

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  • Stylish and tough dumbbell set from 42 - 50 kg (5 pairs), plus a handy storage rack
  • Made of a high quality urethane material that will stand the test of time
  • Great for advanced lifters, for exercises such as bench press and dumbbell rows
  • Heavy duty rack will support and protect even the heaviest dumbbells
Available, dispatched in 3-5 days  

Available, dispatched in 3-5 days

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The Escape Fitness Urethane Dumbbells Set (42 - 50 kg) and ESC4 Rack is the perfect combination for any free weights area that caters to serious lifters. In any gym, members appreciate a lot of varied and good quality equipment, and dumbbells are especially important. If your members are struggling to find a matching pair, or the ones they can find are falling apart, it won't look good for your facility and members might seek out a gym that better caters to their needs. Equally, if you have lots of experienced lifters they will need heavier dumbbells, and if you don't provide them they may look elsewhere for somewhere they can fully push themselves.

The Urethane Dumbbells and rack are a great solution to this issue though. Made with a high quality and durable urethane material, to high manufacturing standards, they can withstand a lot and will continue to perform even after extensive use. The Dumbbells are available in weights from 42 - 50 kg, perfect for advanced lifters, and the ESC4 rack is the perfect accompaniment, giving a stable and secure storage solution that is sure to satisfy your needs.

Who Can Make Gains with the Urethane Dumbbell Set and Rack?

The Urethane Dumbbells are the perfect choice for a range of venues, and will be right at home in the free weights area of any gyms that take their weights seriously. The dumbbells come in a range of weights from 42 - 50 kg, which are great for advanced lifters who want a challenging workout, and are suitable for exercises such as bench press, shrugs, bent over rows and more. The Rack is small yet stable, and won't take up too much space but it will effectively look after your dumbbells.

Features and Benefits of the Escape Fitness Urethane Dumbbells/ESC4 Rack

  • Durable, high quality dumbbells to suit any free weights area
  • Heavy dumbbells are perfect for advanced lifters who want to push themselves
  • Specially made with Urethane, with single-piece heads and precision machined bores
  • Black colour differentiates from lighter and heavier dumbbells of the same model
  • Easy grip handle made from chrome plated carbon steel for a comfortable yet hard wearing dumbbell
  • Delta lock system ensure that the head and plate remain permanently attached to the handle
  • ESC4 Rack is secure enough to handle heavy weight and won't take up too much space on the gym floor

Specifications of the ESC4 Rack

  • Size - 1100 mm x 900 mm x 820 mm
  • Weight - 54 kg

The Escape Fitness Urethane Dumbbells come with a 3 year warranty and the rack comes with a 5 year warranty.

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