Escape Fitness Vertball  (3 - 10 kg)
Weight: 3 kg (Green)Weight: 4 kg (Blue)Weight: 5 kg (Red)Weight: 6 kg (Grey)
Weight: 7 kg (Black)Weight: 8 kg (Green)Weight: 9 kg (Blue)Weight: 10 kg (Red)

Escape Fitness Vertball (3 - 10 kg)

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  • Escape Fitness 3 kg - 10 kg medicine balls designed for throwing
  • Softer materials make it safer and ideally suited to throwing and catching
  • Oversized design encourages better posture and engages the core
  • Great for sports-specific movements to help you in other endeavours  
Available, dispatched in 3-5 days  

Available, dispatched in 3-5 days

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The Escape Fitness Vertball is a versatile addition to any exercise programme. If you own a gym it's vital that your members are using the products properly catered to their needs. If they want to be able to throw around medicine balls, it is important they're using products that can take it! Using regular medballs with such force can potentially damage the floor, or your members! With the Vertball, they will now have a perfect product for a high energy work out. Softer than regular medballs and designed to be thrown, the Vertball is a great addition to a training session or a workout circuit. 

Who Can Make Gains with the Escape Fitness Vertball?

The Vertball is well suited to gyms or clubs, and provides a safe and exciting way of working out. It has been specially designed to be thrown from one person to another, which is an excellent workout for the core and upper body especially. It is a fantastic addition to sports-driven small group training, or personal training sessions where clients want to develop usable strength that will help them in sports and everyday life, rather than just inducing fatigue. The oversized design encourages a strong posture, keeping the core engaged and the shoulder girdle perfectly aligned for throwing and catching.

Medicine balls are a great addition to any exercise programme as they allow a range of movements which might be new to people if they have only experienced regular free weights or machines. They can simulate functional movements that come in handy in daily life, and can assist in building muscle, gaining strength or burning calories and losing fat.

Features and Benefits of the Escape Fitness Vertball

  • Choose from 3 kg - 10 kg weights - perfect for a range of ages and ability levels
  • Each weight is attributed its own distinctive colour
  • Oversized numbering makes it easy to see which weight is which
  • Great for developing usable strength, rather than just inducing fatigue
  • Oversized design encourages a strong posture, with the core engaged and shoulders positioned properly
  • Soft materials prevent the risk of injury in high-speed workouts

Choose Your Weight and Colour

Each of the Escape Fitness Vertballs is distinctive, coloured according to its weight. The colour and weight specifications are as follows:

  • 3kg Vertball (Green)
  • 4kg Vertball (Blue)
  • 5kg Vertball (Red)
  • 6kg Vertball (Grey)
  • 7kg Vertball (Black)
  • 8kg Vertball (Green)
  • 9kg Vertball (Blue)
  • 10kg Vertball (Red)

Specifications of the Vertball

  • Weight: 3 kg - 10 kg
  • Diameter: 350 mm

The Escape Fitness Vertball comes with a 1 year warranty.

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