Escape Fitness Vertmini Medball Medicine Ball (1 - 5kg)
Weight: 1kg (Green)Weight: 2kg (Blue)Weight: 3kg (Red)
Weight: 4kg (Grey)Weight: 5kg (Black)

Escape Fitness Vertmini Medball Medicine Ball (1 - 5kg)

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  • Soft mini medicine ball
  • Ideal for fast-paced fitness routines
  • Great for developing usable strength
  • Choose from 1kg - 5kg weight
Available, dispatched in 3-5 days  

Available, dispatched in 3-5 days

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Escape Fitness Vertmini Medball Medicine Ball (1 - 5kg)

Featuring a smaller, softer design than the Escape Fitness Vertball, the Escape Fitness Vertmini Medball Medicine Ball (1 - 5kg) allows users of all abilities to benefit from a high energy workout. Designed to be thrown in a range of mobility-based exercises, the Vertmini is an excellent addition to your home gym.

Who Can Make Gains with the Escape Fitness Vertmini?

Medicine balls have long been used as part of a number of exercises and the Vertmini provides you with that same versitility in a more comfortable package. With a maximum weight of 5kg, the Escape Vertmini is best used for helping to build core strength and for use by beginners.

Why Choose the Vertmini Medicine Ball?

  • Versatility: The great thing about the Vertmini is its versatility in a number of workouts, be it a solo session or a group activity. Toss the soft medicine ball from one person to another, or launch the ball against the floor for a pump that engages muscles across the upper body.
  • Softer Means Safer: Traditional medicine balls can be quite intimidating for newcomers, especially when you realise just how hard they can hit. Supplement your workout with an exercise ball that's softer and safer, with a design suitable for home surfaces with zero scuffs and abrasions.
  • Universal Gains: The Vertmini is available in a range of weights, which are colour-coded for easy identification. This allows virtually anyone with different fitness needs to take advantage of the Vertmini's superb functionality.

Features and Benefits of the Escape Fitness Vertball

  • Choose from 1 kg - 5kg weights – perfect for a range of ages and ability levels
  • Each weight is attributed its own distinctive colour
  • Oversized numbering makes it easy to see which weight is which
  • Great for developing usable strength, rather than just inducing fatigue
  • Small design allows for versatility in exercise regimes, especially for group throwing
  • Soft materials prevent the risk of injury in high-speed workouts

Why Choose the Vertmini Medball?

The Vertmini allows users to develop usable strength that will help them in sports and everyday life, rather than just inducing fatigue. Not only will the Vertmini help users simulate functional movements that come in handy in daily life, but it will assist in building muscle, gaining strength or burning calories and losing fat.

Weight Coded by Colour

The Escape Fitness Vertmini is available in several different weights with colours coded specifically for each.

Colour Weight
Green 1kg
Blue 2kg
Red 3kg
Grey 4kg
Black 5kg

Specifications of the Vertball

  • Weight: 1kg - 5kg
  • Diameter: 210mm

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