Explorer First Aid Kit
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Explorer First Aid Kit

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  • Designed for those who enjoy action-packed outdoor activities
  • Available in three different sizes and quantities depending on risk
  • Features belt loops and fabric stoppers to prevent contents from falling out
  • Ideal for outdoor pursuits such as hiking, rambling, cycling, scouts and paintballing
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Explorer First Aid Kit

Outdoor pursuits are a lot of fun, but don't come without added risks. Designed for those who enjoy action-packed outdoor activities such as hiking, rambling, cycling, scouts, guides and paintballing, the Explorer First Aid Kit is available in different sizes to cope with various situations and levels of risk. Featuring tough tear-resistant fabric and waterproof zippers, the sturdy pursuit bags will never make you feel left in the lurch knowing that you have essential first aid materials to hand.

Who Can Make Gains with the Explorer First Aid Kit?

Those who like to be rough and ready with the outdoors need to stay protected from the added dangers found when exposed to the element. This kit has been devised to meet the needs of individuals who enjoy high-intensity outdoor pursuits that may incur higher risks than regular sporting activities. The lightweight but comprehensive kit will allow users to be well equipped to safely and efficiently deal with injuries in the event of an accident.

Three Comprehensive Sizes

Available in three sizes depending on the element of risk a user faces, each kit features belt loops to easily secure onto your person, and fabric stoppers at each side of the openings to prevent contents from spilling out when opening.

Please see the table below to find more details on what each size kit contains.

Item Small Medium Large
Guidance leaflet 1 1 1
Burn gel sachet (3.5g) - 1 1
Conforming bandage - 1 1
Crepe bandage - - 1
Cleansing wipes 4 6 8
Adherent dressing pad 1 1 1
Low-adhering dressing pad 1 1 1
Adult-size foil blankets - - 2
Tweezers - 1 1
Pairs of gloves 1 1 1
Microporous tape 1 1 1
Blister plaster 1 1 1
Assorted washproof plasters 10 10 10
Washproof dressing strip - 1 1
Pairs of scissors - 1 1
Triangular bandage - 1 2
Whistle - 1 1
Wound closure strips 5 5 5

Dimensions of the Explorer First Aid Kit

  • Small: 8 x 12 x 4.5cm
  • Medium: 11 x 15 x 5.5cm
  • Large: 15 x 22 x 6cm

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