Fitness-Mad Air Dome Pro 2 Balance Board
Fitness-Mad Air Dome Pro 2 Balance BoardFitness-Mad Air Dome Pro 2 Balance BoardFitness-Mad Air Dome Pro 2 Balance Board
Fitness-Mad Air Dome Pro 2 Balance BoardFitness-Mad Air Dome Pro 2 Balance BoardFitness-Mad Air Dome Pro 2 Balance Board

Fitness-Mad Air Dome Pro 2 Balance Board

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  • Balance board for bodyweight exercises
  • Use as a wobble board or stability cushion
  • Adds an extra level of intensity to your exercises
  • Can be used either side up for versatile use


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Fitness-Mad Air Dome Pro 2 Balance Board

The Fitness-Mad Air Dome Pro 2 Balance Board is suitable for almost any bodyweight exercise usually performed on an aerobic step or on the floor. Due to its unstable surface, this balance board creates an extra level of intensity to exercises to work the core harder and make workouts more effective. This product is multi-purpose, allowing you to swap seamlessly between a wobble board and a "half" Swiss ball for a truly challenging and varied full body workout. 

What's Included?

  • 1 x Wobble Board
  • 1 x Plastic Nozzle
  • 2 x Plastic Stoppers
  • 1 x 8" Hand Pump

Who Can Make Gains with the Fitness-Mad Air Dome Pro 2?

Using a balance board is a great way to build up postural muscle strength. The unstable surface creates an irregular level of instability to work the core, improve flexibility and joint strength. Daily training makes for constant engagement of various muscles including the core, lower back and leg muscles. As well as strengthening the body, it also burns calories.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Multi-purpose board for a variety of workouts
  • Anti-slip thermoplastic rubber base for safety
  • Resistance tubes can be clipped through eyelets for ease
  • Supplied with an 8" hand pump for easy inflation

Features an Improved Design

The previous Fitness-Mad Air Dome Pro was a very popular device, getting gym enthusiasts talking. With a complete TPR anti-slip base to replace the rubber feetband, and a 5cm reduction in height, the dome's new design is more portable and user-friendly. The Air Dome Pro 2 is also much more usable as a wobble board, and better equipped to deal with exercises performed on the dome and the floor.

Use as a Wobble Board

The Air Dome Pro 2 can be used as a wobble board by placing it with the domed side down. Wobble boards are ideal for balancing training. Always step on the board from behind, and make sure to establish posture before beginning exercises. The Air Dome supports general stance balances, as well as forward, backward and sideways tilts. These poses stabilise muscles, develop stance confidence, and improve core strength.

Use as a 'Half' Swiss Ball

Half exercise balls, also known as Bosu balls, essentially work as balance trainers. They can be used to increase the intensity of regular exercises such as lunges, burpees and mountain climbers as they require more stability and balance than on a floor or mat.

Fit Exercise into Your Daily Routine

If you struggle with posture at work, or simply want to fit a workout into your busy day, take some time just to sit on the Air Dome Pro 2. This is a great way to gently workout, as you can get on with other tasks as you do so. You could even sit on a half ball at your desk, but this depends on desk height. If your desk is too tall, take a look at the Live on the Edge Swiss or Original TheraBand exercise balls. Sitting on the dome for even a short period engages your core abdominal muscles to improve posture, stability and balance.

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions (fully inflated): 23 x 59cm
  • Weight: approx. 6kg
  • Maximum User Weight: 140kg (300lb)

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