Fitness-Mad Curved Leather Hook and Jab Pads
 Fitness-Mad Curved Leather Hook and Jab PadsFitness-Mad Curved Leather Hook and Jab Pads 

Fitness-Mad Curved Leather Hook and Jab Pads

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  • Premium cowhide leather hook and jab pads
  • Ideal for face-to-face training
  • Dense shock-absorbing foam lining for protection
  • Elasticated wrist strap for secure fit


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Fitness-Mad Curved Leather Hook and Jab Pads

The Fitness-Mad Curved Leather Hook and Jab Pads are ideal for boxers who want to develop their speed, accuracy and focus. They feature a super-thick, shock-absorbing foam lining to cushion the trainer's hands and protect them from impact to maximise effectiveness during client training sessions.

What's Included?

  • 2 x Hook and Jab Pads

Who Can Make Gains with the Hook and Jab Pads?

Hook and jab pads are a great way for boxers to develop their fighting skills. They mimic the dynamics of real hand-to-hand combat, helping beginners to practice moving around a live person rather than a stationary punch bag. Whilst bags are best for increasing striking power, hook and jab pads act as smaller, moving targets to help improve precision. They also help the trainer develop their blocking accuracy.

Why Use Hook and Jab Pads?

Hook and jab pads can be used in a variety of different ways, making them perfect for practicing attack techniques and defensive manoeuvres. They should be an essential in any boxer or coach's kit as they help to improve focus, speed and accuracy. Using them is the closest way to replicate a real fight scenario without complete contact. 

Key Features and Benefits

  • Dense shock-absorbing foam inner lining for hand protection
  • Additional wrist padding to ensure anatomical positioning
  • Elasticated wrist strap to fit all users
  • Premium cowhide leather for durability

Comfortable and Secure Fit

The Fitness-Mad Curved Leather Hook and Jab Pads are made from premium black and metallic white cowhide leather with white laces and a dense shock absorbing foam inner. They also feature wrist padding, providing a secure anatomical hand and wrist position for the trainer, while the domed, padded palms and Velcro wrist strap ensure the perfect fit.

Take Your Clients to the Next Level

Hook and jab pad training is ideal for developing speed combinations and accuracy in boxers. The dense foam padding assures trainers that their hands are fully protected, allowing them to concentrate on formulating exercises that will take their clients to the next level. This also enables them to improve their defence skills whilst training clients.

Which Boxing Gloves are Available?

If you're looking for a pair of boxing gloves to use alongside Hook and Jab Pads, we have a great range here at, including the following:

Sizing of the Fitness-Mad Hook and Jab Pads

The Fitness-Mad Hook and Jab Pads are supplied in a one-size-fits-most design.

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