Fitness-Mad Leather Fingerless Bag Mitts
 Fitness-Mad Leather Fingerless Bag MittsFitness-Mad Leather Fingerless Bag Mitts 

Fitness-Mad Leather Fingerless Bag Mitts

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  • Premium leather fingerless bag mitts
  • Ideal for speedball and circuit training
  • Flexible alternative to full-finger mitts
  • Elasticated wrist strap for secure fit


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Fitness-Mad Leather Pro Fingerless Bag Mitts

Knock out the competition with the Fitness-Mad Leather Pro Fingerless Bag Mitts. As a lightweight and flexible alternative to traditional bag mitts, they are particularly suitable for speedball workouts. Elasticated wrists and high-quality padding ensure maximum protection and extra comfort with every punch.

Who Can Make Gains with the Fingerless Bag Mitts?

Fingerless bag mitts are suitable for a variety of MMA and boxing exercises. They allow quick and simple transitions between training and functional exercises without the need for changing gloves. This enables consistency, speed, and also opens up a wider range of activities for full-body workouts. Fingerless gloves also allow MMA fighters to perform quick and crucial moves whilst maintaining hand security.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Elasticated wrists for comfort and easy on/off access
  • Premium leather for optimal durability
  • Extra padding in wrist for protection
  • Fingerless for improved flexibility and lighter feel

Why Choose Fingerless Mitts?

The Leather Pro Fingerless Bag Mitts provide excellent protection to protect the metacarpus and support the wrist during hits. They open up a wide range of exercises for boxing training sessions by opening up hand and finger access. These include:

  • Weight-lifting (e.g. lifting dumbbells and swinging kettlebells)
  • Compound exercises such as press-ups and bench presses
  • MMA combat training
  • Speedball reaction training

Fingerless Gloves for Speedball Workouts

Speedballs are light and small punching bags used to test boxers' reactions. Speedball training improves hand speed, reaction time and hand-eye coordination, as well as developing upper-body endurance, agility and cardio. As they are lightweight, the Leather Pro Gloves are suitable for speedballs as they maintain striking speed.

Fingerless Gloves for Circuit Training

Open gloves are ideal for circuit-type training, including weight-lifting, combat, and punching pads or bags. These mitts provide wrist protection and grip on objects such as dumbbells so that users can switch easily between exercises within a circuit. They also allow the hand to open up fully for quick transitions into exercises like press-ups to accelerate muscle-toning and work the cardiovascular system.

Comfortable and Secure Fit

The Fingerless Bag Mitts feature elasticated wrists for easy application and removal, as well as a comfortable and secure fit. Extra padded wrist protection ensures that your wrist is supported and decreases the chance of common hand and wrist injuries like carpometacarpal and scapholunate instability. 

Which Size is Right for Me?

The Fitness-Mad Leather Fingerless Bag Mitts are available in four different sizes. Please see the table below for details and select the correct size for you from the drop-down menu above.

Size Width (cm) Length (cm)
Small 12cm 29cm
Medium 13cm 30cm
Large 14cm 31cm
Extra Large 15cm 32cm

Multi-Buy Options

If you need several pairs of mitts for your gym or fitness centre, you can make great savings with our multi-buy options. These are available in the drop-down menu at the top of the page.

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