Fitness-Mad Power Resistance Band Loop
Fitness-Mad Power Resistance Band LoopFitness-Mad Power Resistance Band LoopFitness-Mad Power Resistance Band Loop
Fitness-Mad Power Resistance Band LoopFitness-Mad Power Resistance Band LoopFitness-Mad Power Resistance Band Loop

Fitness-Mad Power Resistance Band Loop

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  • Heavy-duty resistance band loop
  • Ideal for fitness enthusiasts and rehabilitation
  • Strengthens your muscles and core conditions
  • Available in five strengths (sold individually)


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Fitness-Mad Power Resistance Band Loop

Boost your muscular strength, endurance and flexibility with the Fitness-Mad Power Resistance Band Loop. This loop is available in a range of strengths from extra light to extra strong (each strength being sold individually). Use the two lightest bands to speed recovery after a sports injury, and the others to progress in general fitness and resistance training.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Resistance Loop

Who Can Make Gains with the Fitness-Mad Power Resistance Band Loop?

Resistance bands, or exercise bands, are incredibly versatile and can be used to spice up virtually any workout. Use this band loop to add resistance to bodyweight or weighted workouts. It's also perfect for Pilates or similar mat-based toning exercises.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Heavy-duty for durability and safety
  • Clearly labelled for easy identification and use in a gym setting
  • Available in five strengths (sold separately) for workout versatility

Which Strength Is Best for Me?

The Fitness-Mad Power Resistance Band Loop is available in five different strength options (sold separately) to suit your fitness level. Take a look at the table below for more details, and select your preferred strength from the drop-down menu at the top of the page. 

Band Strength Max. Stretch (Kg) Recommended Use
Extra Light (Red) 2 - 16kg Beginners and rehabilitation
Light (Black) 4 - 23kg Beginners and rehabilitation
Medium (Light Blue) 11 - 36kg Strong beginner
Strong (Green) 23 - 54kg Intermediate
Extra Strong (Dark Blue) 27 - 68kg Bodybuilder/pro athlete

How Do I Use My Power Resistance Loop?

There are lots of exercises you can perform with the Fitness-Mad Loop Bands. Our favourites include:

  • Bicep curls: Hold the loop with both hands, with both feet over the other end. Pull your hands up towards your chest and lower into the starting position. This will work your arms, shoulders and abs.
  • Chest press: Hold each end of the band across your back. Pull with equal force until your arms are outstretched in front of you to engage your shoulders and arms.
  • Pull ups and chin ups: Place both knees inside the loop and the other end around the bar for additional support during these exercises. See the visual below to see how it's done!

The Power Resistance Band Loop for pull ups and chin ups
Use the Resistance Loop to support chin ups and pull ups

Ideal for Use in Rehabilitation

The two lightest bands in this Fitness-Mad range are superb for improving muscular strength and flexibility after a sports injury. They can be used to target a specific area of the body to speed up recovery.

Technical Specifications

  • Max. strength: 2.5x
  • Diameter: 104cm
  • Material: Latex rubber
  • Care: Wipe with a clean damp cloth

Warning: This product is made of latex. Do not use if you suffer from a latex allergy.

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