Fitness-Mad Women's Leather Pro Sparring Gloves
 Fitness-Mad Women's Leather Pro Sparring GlovesFitness-Mad Women's Leather Pro Sparring Gloves 

Fitness-Mad Women's Leather Pro Sparring Gloves

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  • Pair of 8oz calf leather sparring gloves
  • Suitable for female boxers
  • Anatomical moulds for secure fit
  • Waterproof taffeta to prevent damage


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Fitness-Mad Women's Leather Pro Sparring Gloves

The Fitness-Mad Women's Leather Pro Sparring Gloves have been carefully constructed from premium buff calf leather for optimal quality and durability. The reduced 8oz weight and multi-layer foam padding in the interior of the gloves provides female boxers with a comfortable fit and feel, even after long training sessions.

Who Can Make Gains with the Women's Pro Sparring Gloves?

Boxers need to build muscle mass to increase strength, stamina and endurance. Boxing with a partner can be a great full-body workout that helps you to build muscle in your arms, chest, shoulders, core and legs. If you're a beginner, make sure to stick with it, as consistent practice is what will build up your strength and technique.

Key Features and Benefits

  • High-quality leather for durability
  • Lighter 8oz weight for an improved fit and feel
  • Hand-moulded foam for comfort, grip, support and absorption
  • Velcro closure for exceptional wrist support and secure fit
  • Waterproof taffeta lining to prevent moisture entering the padding

What Are Sparring Gloves?

Sparring gloves are similar to regular training gloves, except they have different moulds and areas of padding. They are also designed with more cushioning to reduce impact. As sparring gloves are used for real contact, this ensures that the user does not injure their opponent. 

Benefits of Boxing for Women

There would be plenty more females in the ring if everyone knew the incredible effects boxing can have on health and fitness. Incorporating boxing into your workout routine can:

  • Enhance strength: Boxing combines lots of different strength training techniques, including weight training, to build functional strength and power. 
  • Build endurance: Aerobic exercises (like jogging) are great for building endurance and increasing blood flow. Anaerobic exercises (like weight lifting) enhance muscle mass and shed fat. Boxing combines these 2 types for maximum fitness gain.
  • Burn fat and tone muscles: Boxing helps to build a natural strength that forms toned muscles. It also encourages fast fat burning through frequent anaerobic activity.

Are the Fitness-Mad Women's Sparring Gloves Comfortable?

The Fitness-Mad Women's Leather Pro Sparring Gloves feature wide Velcro wrist supports, attached thumbs and a waterproof taffeta lining that prevents moisture entering the padding. This helps to keep the hands optimally comfortable, allowing you to spar and train for longer without having to remove your gloves. These gloves also feature anatomical pre-moulded latex inserts, which help to absorb some of the shock and impact incurred in sparring.

Sizing of the Fitness-Mad Women's Leather Pro Sparring Gloves

The Fitness-Mad Women's Leather Pro Sparring Gloves are supplied in a one-size-fits-most design.

Are There Other Sparring Gloves Available?

We have sparring gloves that are suitable for a range of users at Think Sport, including the following:

Technical Specifications

  • Size: 8oz (approx. 227g)

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