Galius Sport Post-Competition Oil

Galius Sport Post-Competition Oil

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  • Cooling massage oil ideal for use after sports
  • Contains natural, essential oils
  • Encourages blood circulation for quicker recovery
  • Supports post-workout relaxation
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Galius Sport Post-Competition Oil

Athletes know that regular exercise does wonders for general health and well-being, however it's often rough on your muscles. Pain, tension and injury are common and can hold you back from your training.

Luckily, there are steps which can be taken to reduce this risk. One way is by ensuring your muscles have effectively cooled down after a workout. The Galius Sport Post-Competition Oil can aid with this, working to improve circulation and oxygenation, relieve muscle tension and help the body recover from tiredness when massaged into the skin.

Who Can Make Gains with the Galius Post-Competition Oil?

A massage with Galius Sport Oil generally harmonises the body, pleasantly relaxes the limbs and helps muscles to recover. The oil acts as a carrier for the extracts which it contains, soothing your muscles and bringing immediate relief.

At room temperature, Galius oil maintains its solid form, becoming an easy to apply oil when it comes into contact with the skin. This makes this product great value for money as a bonus, allowing you to use less product in comparison with other classic massage oils as less will pour out and be wasted when applying.

The Galius Post-Competition Oil is perfect for use post-workout for all athletes, enhancing muscle performance so you can get the most out of your training.

Features of the Galius Sport Post-Competition Oil

  • Contains essential oils – anti-inflammatory properties, encourage blood flow
  • Eases tension in the muscles – perfect for use post-workout
  • Relaxes the parts of the body that have worked hardest during physical activity
  • Cooling effect on tired muscles – encourages recovery and reduces risk of future injury
  • Available as 100ml bottle

Essential Cooling

The Galius Sport Post-Competition Oil contains essential oils, including:

  • Ruscus - anti-inflammatory, improves blood circulation, eases pain and swelling.
  • Ginkgo - improves blood circulation, healing properties, antioxidant.
  • Hamamelis (also known as witch hazel extract) - astringent and antioxidant, can alleviate irritation, anti-inflammatory.
  • Chestnut extracts - improves blood circulation, reduces swelling and joint pain.
  • Aloe vera - soothes and moisturises skin, rich in nutrients, healing properties.

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