Hi-Tech Sports Performance Bundle
Hi-Tech Sports Performance BundleHi-Tech Sports Performance BundleHi-Tech Sports Performance Bundle

Hi-Tech Sports Performance Bundle

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  • Uses the power of two distinctly different fitness trackers
  • Enjoy premium quality sound that stays put in your ears
  • Measures your workout progress and sleep quality over time
  • Counts your reps and enjoy real-time in-ear audio coaching
Currently unavailable. Please check back soon  

Currently unavailable. Please check back soon

Jabra Sport Coach Wireless Earbud HeadphonesJabra Sport Coach Wireless Earbud Headphones
iHealth Edge Activity and Sleep TrackeriHealth Edge Activity and Sleep Tracker
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When you're working out, the way your body feels can be an accurate gaug e of how you're doing,and whether you're making progress, but to know exactly where you stand, sometimes you just can't beat a bit of tech. The Think Sport Hi-Tech Sports Performance Bundle combines the motivating musical power of the Jabra Sport Coach Wireless Earbud Headphones, with the fitness and lifestyle tracking prowess of the iHealth Edge Activity and Sleep Tracker to provide a truly comprehensive approach to boosting the effects of your workouts with the latest and greatest in technology, at a reduced price that saves you money.

Who Can Make Gains with the Think Sport Hi-Tech Sports Bundle?

Everyone wants to get fit, and stay there, but for many of us finding the motivation to get back in the gym day after day, and put in work while you're there, is easier said than done. This bundle combines the motivating power of top quality sound, with real time and day by day feedback on your progress, to keep you enthusiastic about your workouts, and coming back for more. The benefits won't end at the end of the day either, providing you with vital information on your sleep duration and quality, so you can improve your health around the clock.

Two Separate Fitness Apps

Think Sport recognises that while one is good, two is better. With the Jabra Sport Coach, you'll get the Jabra Sport Life App, which counts your reps, and gives you real time in-ear coaching to push you to the next level. To give you a truly rounded workout tech experience, you'll also benefit from the iHealth MyVitals App, which allows you to analyse your performance over time via your smartphone or tablet with colourful graphs and easy to read charts. 

These two powerful workout tools will allow you to stay motivated, and push past your limits, helping you reach your goals and make more progress than you ever thought possible. So you'll want to get through that last set, run more, or even just take the stairs, with your two new hi-tech sidekicks. 

World's First Rep Counting Headphones

The Jabra Sport Wireless Earbuds go above and beyond all other workout headphones, as they are the first ever to incorporate a motion sensor. With the TrackFit advanced motion sensor, you can measure distance travelled, pace, steps, cadence, calories burned and even the number of repetitions in your current workout, making it a perfect addition to the around the clock fitness tracking you'll get from your iHealth Edge

A Durable and Weather Resistant Pairing

Both these products are highly resistant to rain and sweat, so you can take them with you in any conditions, and they'll work like clockwork. The Jabra Coach Headphones are designed to stay put in your ears through all weather, and the iHealth Edge is made to help you out no matter what you get up to.

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